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Clothes Peg Torture

Dear Mistress,

I’m glad you enjoyed my humble apology and photograph, I hope it was adequate. If not, let me know? I was sitting in my back room in the photo, which I use as a study, and makeshift torture chamber when serving you. My lesson report follows.


I’m most grateful to you for sending me my next lesson. Today I went out and bought a pack of wooden pegs, as I only had plastic; and some batteries for my camera. I must admit I cringed, as the wooden ones look more painful. Also, I remember one of your previous lessons involving clothes pegs, and that was excruciating. Nevertheless, you are my Mistress and I will obey you. I fully expect to be in agony during it and my only consolation is that it is for your pleasure and satisfaction, and I can hardly deny I don’t deserve it, can I. Therefore, I hope to provide you with as much entertainment from this lesson as I can, which you surely deserve.

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Slave Stephen’s sissy humiliation

Dear Mistress, This was a brilliant session in which you humiliated me completely. Having obtained suitable items as requested I set out to do as you commanded. First I stripped off for you to stand in front of the camera butt-naked, all too aware of my short-comings exposed for your inspection and derision. This made me feel very small indeed as I could imagine you taunting me and tittering while I stood helpless and blushing. Continue reading Slave Stephen’s sissy humiliation

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Celibate for the Online Mistress

Dearest Online Mistress,

Serving such a beautiful and intelligent Mistress such as you is not without its trials. As your lowly and worthless slave one of the most basic problems I have to contend with daily is the regular stream of thoughts I have of you. Needless to say these thoughts are lustful, and as a result I find myself with a considerable amount of sexual tension to dissipate. This tension ultimately leads to frustration and needs relief. Masturbation is the only cure, but unfortunately the cure doesn’t last. Therefore, it is quite usual for me on a Saturday morning (but by no means the only time) when all is quiet, to retrieve a picture of you, retire naked to my bed, and there wrestle with my cock until I end up gasping out my love and adoration for you, while my seed spurts forth as the most personal and sacred tribute I can make to you. The rapture that I feel as I perform this most sacred ritual is unsurpassed, and afterwards I feel so relaxed and at peace, as if my sense of purpose in life has been fulfilled. The sexual tension is temporarily gone, and everything feels less urgent. The cycle then begins again. Each time I think of you a little tingle in my loins agitates, like an itch I cannot scratch and that sexual tension begins to rise in me again, until I simply must relieve it.

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Humiliated at a business event

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a message from the Online Mistress, inviting me to assist her with an evening talk she was giving to a select group of business people, about Innovation and Enterprise at the local Institute. Needless to say I was deeply honoured by such an opportunity, and eagerly agreed. It then dawned on me that I knew nothing in particular about innovation, let alone enterprise, but thought as long as the Online Mistress knows what she’s talking about, then everything would be OK. Of course I wouldn’t be expected to contribute in any way, probably just operate the AV and IT equipment as she delivered her talk. I was not oblivious to the fact that here was an opportunity to try and impress.

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The Personal Assistant

When the Online Mistress agreed to take me on as her Personal Assistant, I was ecstatic. Even though it meant commuting back and forth to the city every day, and having to keep on my toes, think on my feet, and strive to excel for much of the time, any imagined inconvenience was swiftly brushed aside by the single thought of serving such a dazzling princess! A daily opportunity for me to try and impress her with my efficiency, I thought. I dared to imagine myself doing such a good job that I might even earn the briefest peck on the cheek, or a grateful pat on the crotch.

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The Online Mistress and her slave in Switzerland

When I learned that Mistress planned to take me with her on a business trip to Switzerland I was intensely excited. The chance to serve such a goddess 24 hrs a day! What self-respecting slave could wish for more? At first I thought things might be a little easier on me. Mistress would be sorting out other people’s underperformance issues, so someone else would be carrying the can. Hopefully this would keep her mind occupied enough that my own shortcomings might go unnoticed? Also, in terms of punishments I thought, it would be harder to find places to carry them out, but then I wasn’t so sure. I did look forward though, to spending most of my time in the presence of such a stunning lovely as the Online Mistress, and didn’t doubt that some of my spare time at the end of each day would be spent relieving myself of the sexual tensions which would no doubt have accumulated each day, due to being in close proximity to her.

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Online Mistress and the Waiter

The weather had been fine for a few days and it promised to be a warm and sunny weekend. I felt high in spirits and felt like going out so I called my friend Susan and asked her if she fancied going out for a meal and catch-up, then maybe go and see a film afterwards. She thought this was a very good idea and we agreed to meet at 3:30 pm on Saturday at the restaurant. Continue reading Online Mistress and the Waiter

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Slave Stephens holiday treat

I was on holiday and by a strange coincidence just happened to be staying in the same hotel as the Online Mistress. What a fortunate turn of events I thought, to be staying in the same place as her. Naturally I couldn’t take my eyes off her and found myself peering through my sunglasses at her at every opportunity. Whenever she appeared my heart would be racing. I would study what she wore and admire how immaculate and fashionable she looked. I loved her shoes, dresses hats and anything else she wore. Continue reading Slave Stephens holiday treat

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Slave Stephen tortured by the Online Mistress

One Saturday morning I was, as usual, thinking of the Online Mistress. It wasn’t long before I was stretched out on my bed, naked and pumping my cock as hard as I could. As I was building to a glorious climax my phone began to ring. At first I ignored it, hoping whoever it was would go away or leave a message, but as it kept ringing I became distracted, and lost my concentration. Irritated I picked up the phone and said rather tersely, “Hello!”. There was a pause followed by a familiar voice which turned my blood ice cold. “Slave! It’s me, Online Mistress. I want to see you in 1 hour at this address….” , an address followed by the words “…now get moving!” this was followed by a click as the phone went dead.

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