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The Personal Assistant

When the Online Mistress agreed to take me on as her Personal Assistant, I was ecstatic. Even though it meant commuting back and forth to the city every day, and having to keep on my toes, think on my feet, and strive to excel for much of the time, any imagined inconvenience was swiftly brushed aside by the single thought of serving such a dazzling princess! A daily opportunity for me to try and impress her with my efficiency, I thought. I dared to imagine myself doing such a good job that I might even earn the briefest peck on the cheek, or a grateful pat on the crotch.

However, after a couple of days of this absurd daydreaming, I began to come round to reality and realize what a fool I’d been. Sooner or later I was bound to mess up, and when I did there was sure to be hell to pay. Obviously I had already forgotten the tortures she had previously inflicted on me, and I cringed as I recalled them. She was already irritated by my small cock, and it wouldn’t take much to prompt more of the same treatment.

As my first day approached the full import of the situation began to dawn on me, and I realized that I had blundered into a well laid trap. By the merest suggestion of getting me to work for her, I had jumped in with both feet before properly considering the implications. Obviously she had been counting on this, and now I was fully committed there was no going back. Instead of viewing with pleasure the close working relationship the job promised, I realized that I would be placing myself very much at her mercy, and the pleasant close working relationship would in fact result in my every flaw and error being spotted immediately, and no doubt punished. Knowing the Online Mistress as I did, I realized this meant for me a lot of pain and humiliation. She had cleverly allowed me to dig myself into a nice big hole.

Despite racking my brains for the remaining days I was quite unable to think of a way out of it, and I knew that if I tried to back out then the simplest coy enquiry from her such as “Don’t you want to come and work with me then, stephen?” would crush any further resistance. In the end there was nothing for it but to accept that I been skilfully manoeuvred into a trap by a superior young woman. She had me just where she wanted me, and now I would just have to make the best of it. Although I was very nervous about meeting her high standards and coming up to scratch, I thought, surely if I do my best I should be alright? However, this didn’t entirely ease the apprehension I felt.

The night before my first day I went to bed early but couldn’t sleep for thinking about my day ahead, and tossed and turned all night. In the end I got a very poor night’s sleep, just the preparation I wanted to avoid! I had to get up early as I didn’t want to be late, and intended to leave myself extra time in case of delays. After a shower and quick breakfast I put on a pair of lilac boxers, then dressed in a nice new suit, shirt, tie and shoes that I’d bought for my new job. At least I’d be neat and smart I thought. 

It was still dark when I left for the train station, and I hurried along fearing any delay might make me late. During the train journey I had time to ponder what was in store for me? I’d never been a PA before, although I was familiar with office procedures, and was sure I’d get along fine once I’d settled in. I expected that on my first day Mistress would allow me a little time to get used to things, before she started cracking the whip, as it were? As the journey went on I began to feel a little more relaxed about working for her and began to feel my former fears evaporating somewhat.

The train pulled in and I made my way to the tube. The Mistress had very kindly arranged to meet me near the office and show me the way in. Very thoughtful of her I thought, and as I was passing a florists at that moment, I deemed it a good idea to reciprocate, so I bought a bunch of flowers. Not a large bunch, but a pretty bunch with a lot of variety. It was the least I could do? 

As I was near to the location I was supposed to be meeting her at (it was only a short walk up the road), and had plenty of time in hand, I thought I’d stop off for a quick coffee. I left fifteen minutes before I was due to meet her, in order to ensure I wouldn’t be keeping her waiting for a second. Arriving outside the Library where she had arranged to meet me, I began to pace up and down keeping an eye out for her, and feeling rather self-conscious as I was attracting some attention by holding a bunch of flowers. I amused myself by returning the looks sarcastically.

Fifteen minutes passed slowly, and I became rather nervous with excitement at being so close to meeting Mistress and working for her. A dream come true? Just as I sauntered up to a guard rail and placed my hands upon it to rest a moment, I felt a sharp stab in my calf, and became aware of someone behind me. Wheeling around intent on grasping the perpetrator by the throat and demanding an apology before I wrung their scrawny little neck, I was stunned to be confronted by a slim, immaculately dressed, dark-haired young lady wrapped in a light grey raincoat, who stood looking at me with an air of defiance. “oh…Mistress!” was all I could blurt out, as my outrage at once evaporated into submission.

“I’ve been waiting for five minutes!” she said in a warning tone, “Didn’t you listen? I said by the door!”

“I-I’m very sorry Mistress, I had no intention of keeping you waiting. I should have listened more carefully.” I said speaking to her pointed shoes as I crouched to nurse my sore calf.

The Mistress spoke in a low, calm, firm voice, “Stand up straight when you address me, stephen.”

“Yes, of course Mistress.” I replied, straightening painfully.

“Now, if you’ve finished playing with yourself, hail a taxi. How much longer do you propose to keep me freezing out here?!” she said shoving her briefcase into my chest and un-slinging her handbag and draping around my neck.

Momentarily winded, I began to bleat out “Oh, but I thought we were walking….”, but regaining my wits slowly, changed to “…Um, yes Ma’am, at once!”

I rounded the guard rail, and strode purposefully to the nearby taxi rank, carrying her briefcase and handbag, while waving the flowers to attract a drivers attention. Having secured the services of one I turned and waved to the Mistress, expecting her to follow but she stood looking at me arms folded, drumming her fingers with a quizzical look. When she saw me trying to work out what she wanted, she rolled her eyes and looked skyward. The penny dropped and I realized she wanted the taxi to go to her. I communicated this to the driver and with a low hiss he complied. I had to give him a warning look as I climbed in. We reversed back down the rank, receiving a couple of hoots from oncoming vehicles.

“What’s the matter? Can’t she walk two yards?” I heard him mutter.

“This is my Boss, mate!” I said, indicating with my thumb and daring him to make another comment.

As we pulled up I opened the door to allow the Mistress to climb in, but she didn’t. When I peeked out to see what was the matter she was avoiding my gaze but tapping her foot in irritation. I hopped out to see what was the matter, and she brushed past me with an indignant tut to stand by the half-open door biting her lip in forbearance and sighing loudly. Recovering my balance, I opened the door fully and she slipped nimbly on to the back seat. I was about to follow but found her hand thrust against my chest. She shook her finger at me and indicated the front passenger seat. 

“Ah!” I replied nodding my comprehension. I was about to straighten in order to go and sit up front, when my tie was grasped firmly and yanked back toward her. She spoke the name of our destination then flung my tie dismissively in my face.

When we reached the bank, I hopped out and opened the door for Mistress, offering her my hand which she completely ignored. She stood resolutely straightening her coat while I paid the driver (minus a tip), and collected the flowers, briefcase and handbag. It had begun to rain and Mistress looked up at the sky, then at me expectantly. While I pondered the problem of seeing her to the door without her getting wet, she rolled her eyes and began walking to the bank with a “Doh!” of irritation. I had no umbrella, so in a flash of inspiration took off my jacket and scurried after her holding it above her head. With a face like thunder, and without stopping she entered the building and turned into a foyer. Taking an umbrella from a hat stand she poked me in the groin with it’s metal tip, saying “Now you know where they are kept, don’t you.” 

I doubled up in agony and sank to my knees clutching my aching crotch, gasping for air. I just managed to gasp “Yes Mistress…Thank you for showing me!” in reply.

“Oh, get up!” she said impatiently, and began to walk down the corridor. 

Picking up her briefcase, handbag, the flowers and my jacket I forced myself to stand, and rushed after her.

I caught up with her standing by an elevator. “Floor thirteen if you please.” she said icily. Trying not to limp, I went and pressed the button. We ascended in silence. Feeling awkward at this I offered “Thank you very much for meeting me and showing me here Mistress, I don’t know what I’d have done…”

“Oh be quiet you idiot, I’m trying to think.” she cut me short.

Arriving at the thirteenth floor, we stepped out into a corridor, turned right, went down it and entered a carpeted, wide, open-plan office at the end. The Mistress strode through the office toward a door on the other side, responding to good morning wishes from those already in with a pleasant nod. As she unlocked her office door I noticed a rather small desk with an uncomfortable wooden chair just outside. On top of it were several stacks of paperwork. Noticing me looking, she smirked “That will be your desk.”

Striding into her office, the Mistress shrugged off her raincoat and flung it at me, landing over my head. Temporarily blinded and encumbered as I was by the flowers, her briefcase and handbag, I stumbled into a chair. As I fought to grasp the coat before it slipped to the floor I heard an irritated sigh followed by “Well? Hang it up you oaf!”

“Yes, at once Mistress.” I replied, desperately looking for the coat stand. No sooner had I hung it up I heard “Briefcase on my desk, handbag on table by my desk. Now!”

“Of course, Mistress.” I replied, rushing to comply. I placed the items in the places requested. Mistress was standing hands upon hips looking at me expectantly. She wore a dark blue pin-striped jacket, waist coat and skirt, with white shirt, stockings and black high heels. Before I could think what I had forgotten she barked “Well, open it then!”

I opened her briefcase for her and began laying out the contents on her desk, at which point she shoved me aside and ordered me to fetch her a coffee.

Feeling quite flustered, I scurried out into the main office to find the vending machine I had passed on the way in. Fumbling in my pocket for change, I was soon carefully transporting a hot white coffee back to her office. I placed it reverently on a place mat and stepped back. I noticed her staring at the coffee with an incomprehensible look upon her face.

“What on Earth is that?!” she demanded.

“Erm, your coffee Mistress?” I offered tentatively.

“How dare you assume I drink the filth from that wretched machine!” she replied. Picking up the cup she stepped up, and yanking the belt of my trousers, poured the contents down the front of my trousers. I couldn’t help shrieking in shock as the hot liquid scalded my privates. Mistress crushed the paper cup, shoved it into my open mouth and said “There’s a kitchen down the corridor, I only drink filter coffee, in a cup and saucer, now get moving.”

She spun me round to face the door and slapped my backside as I blundered toward it, nodding, mumbling and clutching my soaked crotch.

Outside the door, I spat out the paper cup, straightened and tried to walk as dignified as I could through the office to the corridor. I don’t think anyone noticed. I found the kitchen and the coffee maker, and spent an uncomfortable five minutes making the coffee, whilst inspecting the extent of the wet stain on my trousers. Giving priority to Mistress’ coffee I scurried back as quickly as I dared to deliver it.

“About time!” she observed, indignantly. 

Picking up the cup and saucer, Mistress reclined in her leather chair and took a moment to regard my sopping wet crotch with satisfaction, as she sipped her coffee. “Not a very good start to your first day, is it stephen?” she remarked.

“N-No, Mistress.” I replied shame-faced.

“Was it ever your intention to make a good impression on your first day here?” she enquired.

“Yes, Mistress, it was.” I replied.

“Well, so far you have kept me waiting around in the freezing cold, allowed me to get wet in the rain, and insulted me with a cup of coffee. I must say I find your ignorance so far to be quite irritating.” she said.

“I-I’m very sorry Mistress, I’m still getting used to the job.” I replied weakly, “Once I’ve got used to…”

“I’m not interested in your pathetic little excuses, stephen.” interrupted Mistress “You’ve been handed an excellent opportunity here. You’ll do exactly as I say, speak only when you’re spoken to and refrain from bothering me with trivial matters, in fact I don’t expect to hear much from you at all. I expect you to perform to a high standard for me, and if you don’t by god you’ll suffer for it, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, perfectly clear, Mistress.” I replied.

“Now in order to make amends for your shortcomings earlier you can first get down on your knees and lick up that coffee stain on my carpet.” she ordered.

With a flush of humiliation I got down on all fours and began to lick the wet patch on the floor where the excess coffee had run down my legs. As I licked two slim black-stiletto feet appeared in front of me. “Come on, do it properly.” I heard Mistress command as her foot forced my head against the carpet. “Yes, Mistress.” I murmured.

“Some of it also spilt on my shoes. Lick that off too.” she commanded.

“At once, Mistress.” I replied beginning to lick her shoes. As I grubbed around her ankles I felt myself going stiff at being so close to her slim-stockinged legs. When she was satisfied they were clean Mistress yanked her foot away. 

“Get up.” she ordered. “Now, you’ll find some filing on your desk that needs to be finished before you go home tonight. I suggest you start with that.”

“Yes, Mistress. Indeed, Mistress.” I replied, turning to leave. “Oh, with your permission Mistress, I should like to offer you these flowers as a token of my appreciation for allowing me to work for you.” I said picking up the flowers I’d forgotten.

Mistress took the flowers, slapped me round the face with them, and grasping my belt stuffed them down the front of my trousers saying “Don’t you dare think you can try and charm your way around me. Now get lost.”

I withdrew with an “At once, Mistress.” and after buttoning my jacket to conceal the flowers wedged down my trousers, thought it prudent to visit the men’s room to extract them, and try and dry off. I managed to rinse my shorts and trousers in a sink and dry them under a hand dryer. I noticed my cock was a little red from the hot coffee Mistress had poured down my trousers, and after removing the flower petals from my privates, managed to apply a paper towel soaked in cold water to soothe it.

After this I returned to my desk to get on with the filing. There was a huge pile of it in several stacks. As I was sorting through it my phone rang. It was Mistress. “I need a birthday card and gift for my friend’s daughter Emily, see to it.” before I could reply she hung up. I wrote this request on my pad, and as I sorted through papers tried to think of a suitable gift? What age was she? Although I dared not bother Mistress with asking for further clarification. 

The phone went again, “The pile on the left of your desk is for photocopying, and is in order, I require it in 5 minutes.” said Mistress. I had already started sifting through this pile to file it, and realized with horror it was now in a different order. I vainly began trying to retrace my steps and get it back how it was. 

The phone rang again, “Take my raincoat to the cleaners, and get it dried out properly, as you were responsible for getting it wet.”. And two minutes later “How are you getting on with that photocopying?”. Racing to the photocopier with a bunch of papers I began copying them one at a time. From the corner of my eye I noticed Mistress emerge from her office and tap her watch furiously. I hurried over with what I had, apologizing for the delay. With a loud “Tut!” Mistress snatched the papers and slammed the door in my face. Back at the photocopier a helpful lady showed me how to feed a stack of papers in and copy them automatically, and in another 5 minutes I was knocking gently on Mistress’ door, and entering. 

“Your copies Mistress?” I offered. Without a word Mistress tapped her desk to indicate where they should be placed. I was about to ask her what age her friends daughter was when she made a dismissive motion with her hand, so I withdrew. As I was about to go out the door she said “My coat still hasn’t gone to the cleaners, has it?”

“I’ll do that right away Mistress.” I said fetching her rain coat. “Please Mistress, what age is your friend Emily’s daughter?”

“Five.” came the terse reply.

I left the building to find a cleaners and after leaving Mistress’ raincoat with them went to look for a gift and card for a five year old. Absolutely stuck for gift ideas I decided to ask one of the ladies in the office for advice when I returned. I collected Mistress coat and returned to the office. 

Back at my desk there was a note on my desk which read “See Me! M.”. Taking Mistress raincoat I 

knocked politely and entered. Inside Mistress was having a meeting with several other ladies. Seeing this I withdrew rapidly, to which she called “Get back in here!”. Re-entering, Mistress asked “Where on Earth have you been?” I explained I had taken her raincoat to have it properly dried, and was looking for a gift, but was cut short with “I didn’t say take all day about it! Four coffees, at once do you hear?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I replied, hanging up her raincoat amid titters. 

“You must forgive him, girls,” said Mistress “Having a small penis tends to make him hopeless at most simple tasks.”

I flushed with embarrassment amid giggles as I left.

I returned with the coffees, and Mistress asked me whether I had finished my filing, to which I was forced to reply “Not yet, Mistress.”

“It’s 10:45. What in god’s name have you been doing out there man, playing with yourself?!” she replied causing more titters.

“I’ll get on with it immediately, Mistress.” I replied nervously.

I returned to my desk and tried to get on with my work. Ten minutes later Mistress rang ordering me to clear the cups away, so I had to interrupt what I was doing to perform this task. Just as I had settled down again she rang to tell me to book a table at a restaurant for her and her colleagues for a lunch time meeting. She also asked whether I had bought the card and gift?

“Not yet, Mistress.” I replied, “I haven’t had an opportunity to get…”

“Then get off your lazy backside and go and get them I want them before 12, do you hear?!” she ordered, slamming the phone down.

“At once, Mistress.” I said to the receiver.

Racing down to the ground floor I dashed into the shops to find a birthday card and gift. In the end I bought a nice looking puzzle and card which I thought was appropriate, and raced back to the office. When I returned Mistress was at my desk sifting through papers and flinging them in all directions. “Where the hell are the original copies of that work you did earlier?” she demanded.

Stepping up to help sift through the papers I suddenly remembered

“Oh, I left them on the photocopier, Ma’am.” I said feeling rather dumb.

Placing her hands upon her hips Mistress replied.

“Oh, you stupid idiot, you’ve had me rooting through all this stuff for nothing!” she fumed.

“I-I’m very sorry Mistress.” I offered, “I-I’ll get them now.” I said turning to go to the copier.

“Stop!!” she cried. “What is that?” she asked pointing to the gift I had bought.

“Ah, it’s a puzzle Mistress, for your friends, daughters birthday.” I replied.

“I want it wrapped, you imbecile! God, do I have to do everything myself?” Mistress fumed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t think of that, Mistress…” I replied apologetically.

I’m sorry, I didn’t think of that, Mistress.” she replied, sarcastically imitating my feeble response, much to my embarrassment and the amusement of some nearby colleagues. Mistress came up to me and stepping on my toe said in a low voice “Then I suggest Mister, that you get your finger out from your backside, get those originals on my desk at once, get that gift wrapped before 12, and clear up this mess or I’ll bust your balls, capuche?”

With a gulp, I squeaked “I understand, Mistress.”

“And Report to my office at 12:40!” she said turning.

It took ten minutes to recover the originals as someone had moved them, and thirty minutes to get the gift wrapped. When I returned I just had time to ring the restaurant to book Mistress’ lunch table before I was due to go in and see her.

At 12:40 I politely knocked on Mistress’ office door. I heard her say “Enter.” in a majestic tone, and went inside. Mistress kept me waiting for a minute or two while she finished writing a note, before reclining back in her chair to regard me.

“Well.” she began “So much for your first morning working for me Stephen. How do you think it’s gone?”

“Um…I should have done better, I think Mistress.” I mumbled.

“Indeed. So far you have managed to keep me waiting in the cold, allowed me to get soaked, insulted me with cheap coffee, dared to placate me with flowers, mismanaged all your assigned tasks, in fact I’ve had to badger you constantly to get anything done at all. Do you think this is acceptable conduct for a PA?” she demanded.

“Indeed no, Mistress.” I replied, “I’m very sorry for…”

“I am already disappointed at your shortcomings, Stephen. You have a good opportunity here to impress me, but instead you have managed to irritate me beyond belief with your slothful and slovenly behaviour. Well, what have you to say for yourself? Hmm?” demanded Mistress.

“I can only apologise profusely Mistress, I’ll do better this afternoon, I promise.” I said shamefaced, “Please give me another chance?”

“If you don’t buck your ideas up, I am going to think up some excruciating tortures to put you through, do I make myself clear, Stephen.” said Mistress.

“Yes. Perfectly clear, Mistress.” I replied mortified, knowing only too well what this meant.

“Good. And just to reinforce what I’ve just said, I’m going to give you a good thrashing before I go for lunch.” she smiled. “Now take off your clothes and lay them on that chair.”

Flushing with humiliation I undressed in front of Mistress, until I stood embarrassed, fearful and nervous before her, trying to cover my private parts. She sat grinning at my discomfort, and told me to stand up straight hands behind my back. Unfortunately this exposed my privates, and to my horror I couldn’t suppress an erection. I closed my eyes trying to fight it down. Mistress tutted sarcastically, “What a tiny, useless little cock you have. I expect you’re useless in bed, aren’t you?” mused Mistress.

All I could do was manage a feeble, apologetic “Y-Yes, Mistress.”

Picking up my tie, Mistress bound my wrists with it, then rolled up my boxers and stuffed them into 

my mouth. I felt utterly ridiculous. Moving to a cupboard she retrieved a cane, flexed it, then swished it through the air a few times. I cringed at the sound of it.

“Right, bend over the chair stephen, and try to recall why you are receiving this punishment.” said Mistress.

I was forced to comply. Mistress spread my legs with a kick of her shoe. There was a long pause, during which I couldn’t help a whimper. Then the first whack landed and I screeched through my boxer shorts gag. “That’s for keeping me waiting this morning…[Whack!], that’s for allowing me to get wet…..[Whack!], that’s for those awful flowers……[Whack!], that’s for making poor coffee….[Whack!], that’s for taking your time photocopying……[Whack!], that’s for forgetting the gift wrap…..etc., etc..”

My backside was burning, and I shrieked with each stroke. I wondered what the people in the office would think. I began to contort after each stroke the dance about desperately trying to avoid receiving blows on the same spot, but to no avail. The pain was awful and I felt weak, exposed and defenceless and couldn’t help a sob of anguish. Mistress continued to berate me throughout the thrashing “This is for your own good, stephen. If you wish to aspire to serve and impress me you need to understand the full import of failure.”

I was imploring her through my gag for her to stop but to no avail. Eventually, for no other reason than it was close to her luncheon engagement she stopped. She untied my hands and I slumped over the back of the chair feeling quite faint. Then I felt another whack across my already burning buttocks. With a yelp of pain I hopped up and fled to the corner of the office pleading “Please, no more Mistress, I can’t take it!”

“We’ll see about that.” she replied flexing the cane menacingly. “Well that thrashing seems to have got ride of your sorry excuse of an erection.” she observed, as my cock had shrunk to the size of her little finger.

Content that for now I had been satisfactorily chastised, Mistress ordered me to help her on with her raincoat. “Now while I am at lunch, you will stand in the corner with your hands on your head, and thinkabout how you are going to atone for this mornings little cock ups. No, don’t put your clothes back on until I give you permission. I’ll have someone check on you periodically to ensure you are complying with my instructions.”

I stood in the corner of Mistress’ office with my hands on my head, my buttocks stinging mightily, shamefaced and feeling thoroughly conquered. Mistress came over, tied my tie around my cock and balls and pulled it tight. “OOOO!” I screeched. She left the room with a satisfied “Hmph.”. After ten minutes I dared to take a step back and press my buttocks against the cool, soothing metal of a filing cabinet which offered some small comfort to my raw backside. I had to straighten again abruptly when one of the office girls popped her head in the door to check I was still standing as instructed. With a giggle she left, but later returned with another girl. This time they stood sniggering at me, and calling out “Stand to attention.” and “You’ve got a small one haven’t you?” derisively.

The Mistress was gone for some time, and it was just before 3 pm when she came back. By now my arms ached like mad, even after resting them a few times. My cock and balls were numb and ached for relief. She ordered me to get dressed again, and I gingerly undid my tie from around my privates and stepped back into my boxer shorts, pulling on my trousers. My buttocks still stung and I doubted I could sit down. I had hoped to work through my lunch hour to catch up, but things had worked out differently.

Mistress ordered me to get her a coffee, which I found quite painful. Then I was back to my work. she had written out a long list of instructions of things to do before I went home, and I tried to plough through as best I could, but there was lots of it. At one point Mistress called me in apparently for no other reason than  to use me as a foot stool while she chatted on the phone to a colleague. I knelt on all fours and she rested her feet on my back, frequently kicking my sore backside for her amusement to see me jump in pain. 

At 4:25 Mistress took me down to the kitchen, leading me by the tie like a horse, and showed me a large pile of washing up that had to be done before I went home. It looked like it was from the whole department. “I also want your desk clear before you leave tonight, understood?”

“Yes, Mistress, of course.” I replied, resigning myself to staying very late.

At 5:05 pm, Mistress summoned me to her office. “It’s almost time for me to leave, how far have you got through that list of jobs?” 

“I’m almost halfway through, ma’am.” I replied.

“It looks as though you’ll be working late tonight then.” she said with a smirk. “If you leave before all those jobs are complete you may consider your employment terminated with immediate effect, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress, don’t worry, I’ll complete them.” I replied.

“Good.” she said. “Now before I go I have one more thing for you to do for me. You will take off your clothes, fold them neatly on the chair, stand to attention and explain to me why I should keep you on as my Personal Assistant.”

Complying with her request I undressed, stood to attention, and trying not to be put off by her smirking at my small cock began “Ahem. Dear Mistress, the reason why you should keep me on instead of anyone else, is because unlike any other PA, I worship you as a Goddess. The reasons why you are beautiful to me are your long dark hair, slim feminine figure, smooth stocking-covered legs and high heels. You are intelligent and cultivated too. I feel I exist only to serve your every whim, even though you may treat me with utter distain, and enjoy humiliating and torturing me. I am helplessly and slavishly devoted to you, and will always endeavour to strive with your best interests at heart, as I am destined to serve at your feet. No other lady affects me in this way. I am no one else’s slave, but yours, to do with as you see fit. My mind and body are your property to amuse you as you please. I may seem like an ignorant oaf to you at the moment, but surely it can’t be fair to judge me on my first day, when I know absolutely nothing about the job? I am sure that in time I will be able to serve you more effectively as my painful experience grows. Why would you want a mere PA when you can have a devoted slave, willing to obey your every command, and endure your every pleasure?”

If you’d like to be my personal assistant, fill out the form below: