You may contact me by email at

I will not have any other form of contact with you until I am satisfied that you are an acceptable slave.

When you email me, I expect you to be polite, courteous and respectful. Otherwise, I will simply ignore you.

I am prepared to answer any reasonable questions that you have regarding our sessions, but I will not enter into protracted correspondence if I feel that you are a time waster. I will not tolerate anybody trying to get free kicks from emailing me.

If you are ready to undertake your first session, there’s no need to email me here; simply follow the first slave instructions and use the form at the end to contact me.

When you email me for the first time, you should set out some information about yourself and your desires. It pays you to be honest, because this way, you will get more from the experience.

In particular, I want to know your age and experience, what your needs and desires are, whether you have any specific fantasies and what it was that made you want to get in touch with me.