First Slave Instructions

slave instructions

Thank you for deciding to begin your slave journey with me, your new mistress.

If you are polite, courteous and obey my instructions, I am sure that we will get on well.

We will have a little introduction session now which lets us both determine whether or not you are prepared to be a worthless slave. So, now, begin your slave instructions…

First of all, take your clothes off and fold them neatly in the corner of the room. You will feel more vulnerable and submissive if you are naked.

Now, you sound like a man with a tiny little cock. Am I right? You pathetic little man. Your cock is probably so small that you cannot see it to piss. I want you to get a felt tip pen and write as much of ONLINE MISTRESS on your cock as you can. Your cock is so small that I bet you cannot get past the first few letters. Tell me how far you were able to get – and don’t you dare lie.

OK, what shoes do you have? Can you get some stilettos? Borrow them from a woman, or buy a pair (if you can’t then use some of your own and close your eyes). As well as the shoes, you will need a newspaper and a bowl of warm water.

Still naked? Good.

Now, follow my instructions carefully.

Place the shoes on the floor and bend down on all fours to kiss them all over. Keep your wrists, knees and ankles on the floor. As you are kissing the shoes, imagine that I am wearing them and keep repeating Mistress, I am your pathetic little man.

After you have done that for 5 minutes (and not a second less), roll the newspaper up, place one end in the warm water and then – whilst still keeping your knees and ankles on the floor – push the newspaper in and out of your pathetic ass. If you want, you can rub your little cock too. Don’t stop kissing the shoes though.

You have permission to cum when you have done this for no less than 5 minutes. How many blobs of sperm did you produce? If you are insolent enough to cum BEFORE 5 minutes have passed, I will be very disappointed, You must let me know how quickly or slowly you cum, so that I know if you need more punishment or a reward next time.

Now that you have completed the first task, fill out the form below so that I can judge how good – or otherwise – you have been. I will then be in touch to discuss how we can move forward:

1 = easy, 5 = very difficult