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The Online Mistress and her slave in Switzerland

When I learned that Mistress planned to take me with her on a business trip to Switzerland I was intensely excited. The chance to serve such a goddess 24 hrs a day! What self-respecting slave could wish for more? At first I thought things might be a little easier on me. Mistress would be sorting out other people’s underperformance issues, so someone else would be carrying the can. Hopefully this would keep her mind occupied enough that my own shortcomings might go unnoticed? Also, in terms of punishments I thought, it would be harder to find places to carry them out, but then I wasn’t so sure. I did look forward though, to spending most of my time in the presence of such a stunning lovely as the Online Mistress, and didn’t doubt that some of my spare time at the end of each day would be spent relieving myself of the sexual tensions which would no doubt have accumulated each day, due to being in close proximity to her.

It wasn’t long before I got to wondering what we might be doing in the evenings? Would she want to go out and see a show, or have dinner? Maybe visit a health spa? Obviously I imagined myself accompanying her on these trips and even taking part. At one point I even imagined I might see a softer side of the Mistress, and this led to me fantasizing what if there were to be some romance between us. I had an absurd vision of impressing the Mistress with such good service, that at the end of the night I would be beckoned seductively into her bedroom. The thought was too much for me and I shuddered with excitement. I had to force myself to put it out of my mind. I was far more likely to get six of the best or worse, well anyway, at least I could dream?

I was to collect Mistress and drive us to the airport. I made sure I was early, and that I had interpreted the most likely meaning of “Meet me outside the bank at 10:30!”, as my backside still twitched when I remembered the thrashing she’d given me. Fortunately I spotted her through the glass at 10:22 carrying her briefcase, handbag and pulling a suitcase resolutely through the lobby. I hopped out and raced over to give assistance, and was met with the customary blow to the chest with the briefcase, which I just managed to catch. Before I had straightened her handbag was slung around my neck. Without a word Mistress checked her watch and eyed me knowingly, then asked “Where are you parked?”

“Over there ma’am.” I replied pointing.

Without a word she proceeded past me toward the car leaving her suitcase behind. I took the suitcase and struggled along behind her, trying to get to the front so I could open the door for her when she got there. I had to run, but fortunately I managed to get to the rear car door and get it open by the time she came up, so she could sweep majestically inside without pause. Locking the luggage in the boot, I hopped behind the wheel.

“Just a moment!” said Mistress, “Who told you to put my briefcase and handbag in the boot?”

“Oh, um, no-one Mistress?” I replied.

“Then how do you expect me to do any work?” she asked, sarcastically.

“Oh, yes. Very sorry, Miss, I’ll get them for you.” I said, hopping out to unlock the boot again.

We set off for the airport. Mistress worked in the back and made business calls while I drove. When we arrived, we agreed that I would drop her outside the main terminal building, escort her to a respectable coffee bar and see that she was seated in a quiet area with a drink and cake, while I then went and parked the car, dragged the luggage in, checked the luggage in, got the tickets and came back before she had finished her coffee. There was a bit of a queue but I was soon trotting back to the coffee bar. I was hoping I’d get time for one myself, but with an impatient glance at her empty mug and her watch, she rose and proceeded to the departure lounge. Here we spent the remaining time, or rather Mistress did, perusing the shops looking at perfume and clothes and other interesting items. I followed dutifully behind carrying any bags she accumulated and to my embarrassment, serving as a medium for testing various perfumes, and a dummy for holding dresses up to. We did stop at another coffee bar, but just when I thought I was going to get my first coffee of the day, Mistress directed me to go and fetch her some reading material from a news stand, and some paracetamol from a pharmacy. By the time I returned she had finished hers, and sent me to check the departure time.

On the plane I served as a sort of makeshift desk tidy, holding files and papers on my lap, in my arms, and between my legs producing them when prodded with a pen. Mistress seemed to enjoy shoving a particularly thick file hard between my legs eliciting a squeak of pain. I also held various highlighters, pencils and pens between my teeth so that when Mistress needed one she could find it more easily, much to the amusement of the hostesses. They came round with coffee at frequent intervals and although Mistress allowed me to have one, I wasn’t actually able to drink it. 

Arriving in Zurich airport in the early evening, it was agreed that once through passport control, Mistress would be escorted by me to a quiet corner of a pleasant bar, and ensconced with a cocktail and small wrap while I went back for the luggage, and secured a taxi to take us to the hotel. This was done and we were soon being ferried through the streets to our destination.

Upon arrival, I carried all the luggage in behind Mistress who went over to the reception desk to speak with the receptionist. As I caught up with them, the receptionist handed Mistress some room keys and summoned a porter. “That’s not necessary, thank you. stephen here doesn’t mind carrying them do you, dear?” said Mistress.

“Not at all, Ma’am.” was all I could reply, re-hoisting the luggage.

We were led through an elegant lobby to a lift. When the doors opened Mistress got in with the porter, but said to me “There’s not enough room in here for all that luggage, so why don’t you take the stairs, hmm? Thirteenth floor if you please, room 73 and don’t take all night about it, still it will keep you fit won’t it.”

This sounded more like an order than a suggestion and so I wearily complied. 

By the time I had struggled up twelve floors I was hot, out of breath and exhausted. There was no sign of anyone so I began searching for room 73. Eventually finding it I tapped politely several times. As there was no answer I decided to enter “M-Mistress?” I called as I tentatively entered. I knew I had the right room as her long grey raincoat was laying on a plush four-poster double bed with her shoes placed neatly beside. I could hear the sound of a shower running and it appeared that Mistress was availing herself of the en suite facilities. Noticing a single bed nearby I placed the luggage next to it and flumped down for a rest. A few seconds later the bathroom door opened and Mistress appeared in a bath robe and towel wrapped around her head, hands upon hips. In an instant I went from reclining to standing bolt upright.

“I should think so, how dare you lounge in here like that.” she frowned.

“Oh, I’m very sorry, Mistress, I…” I began, but was cut short with.

“You took your time getting up here, didn’t you?”

“I-I came as quickly as I could Mistress.” I offered apologetically.

I came as quickly as I could Mistress.” She mimicked in a feeble, derisive tone. “That’s the story of your life. I gave up waiting for my luggage. Fortunately the hotel provided these!” she said indicating her apparel. “I was beginning to think you could actually go a day without irritating me too much, stephen, when this happens. You’re slovenly at bringing up the luggage and when I eventually find you you’re lounging like a sloth. Well, what have you to say for yourself?”

“It won’t happen again, Mistress.” I promised.

“You’re right there.” she said menacingly. “Get my luggage unpacked, and put away neatly while I dry my hair. I want my night clothes on the bed, and my work papers on the desk, in order. I shall deal with you shortly.” and with that she withdrew to the bathroom.

Quickly as I could I began sorting out Mistress’ luggage. I felt a little uncomfortable at going through her belongings, but as she had told me to do it I had no choice. There were a couple of business suits, shoes, some casual clothes, a nice evening dress, all of which I hung carefully in a large wardrobe. Then I came across a red silk dressing gown, and a couple of night dresses which made me flush with embarrassment as I placed them on the bed. Then came Mistress’ underwear, I really oughtn’t to be doing this? I hesitated, but I placed them reverently in a drawer on a dressing table. I couldn’t help feeling a tingle in my loins at this. There was a leather bag and a toiletries bag which I was just about to unpack, when Mistress appeared again, her beautiful long dark hair about her shoulders.

“Take off your jacket and go and stand in the corner, stephen, facing the wall. I’m going to get dressed.” she commanded.

I complied.

“With your hands on your head!” she barked, as I hopped into the corner, hands already upon head.

“In fact take your trousers down while you’re at it.” she added.

With a flush of embarrassment I undid my trousers and let them drop. “And your underpants too, I think.” she added with a titter.

I slipped my shorts down and replaced my hands upon my head, red-faced.

“Good. Don’t you dare move.”

There was some rustling as Mistress changed. Moments later she came over grasped me by the tie and yanked me toward the bed, with a grin as I shuffled along with my trousers and shorts around my ankles. “Keep your hands on your head!” she barked. she was now wearing the red silk dressing gown, and very little underneath as far as I could ascertain.

Mistress tied my tie around one of the bed posts so that I stood facing it. Lifting my shirt momentarily and glancing down she remarked “It must be colder than I thought in here, or is your cock always that small?”

I grimaced but made no reply. From the pocket of her gown she produced some handcuffs and proceeded to cuff my wrists behind my back. I felt rather awkward and helpless now, but there was nothing I could do, except endeavour to turn my head to look at her. I couldn’t help noticing her cleavage encased in the red silk and her long dark hair made her look beautiful as well as menacing. The gown was short showing her shapely bare legs. Conversely I felt a clod, handcuffed and tied by my tie to a bedpost, with only my shirt on and my trousers and shorts around my ankles. Mistress looked so alluring that my cock was hard taut, and a blob of pre-cum had already formed on it’s tip. She bent down slowly and I felt extremely vulnerable. If she touched my member I was worried that I would squirt straight away. She parted my legs and removed my trousers and shorts. As she straightened she ran her fingernail up the inside of my leg. I let out a shriek of pleasure, and whimpered softly.

“You seem strangely tense tonight, stephen, try to relax dear.” she soothed, stroking my bare posterior. But this served only to make me more anxious. She rolled up my boxer shorts and stuffed them into my mouth. “Mpph!” was the only sound I could make. 

“Are you close to cumming already?” she asked, as she tickled my balls with her fingernails.

“MMMPPHH!!” I shrieked, almost in ecstasy, and found myself whining at being teased so.

“You look like you are,” said Mistress “ready to spit your tiny blob of goo out in a pathetic little tribute to me. Well not just yet, my dear, there is some other business we must sort out first.”

Mistress produced a two-fingered tawse and slapped it lightly across her palm a few times. All I could do was groan in protest. Without further delay she had hoiked my wrists up and began slapping my bare buttocks with the tawse, while I jumped and groaned in pain. After two dozen hard ones she stopped to admire her handiwork. My buttocks were ripe and burning. Placing her cool hand upon one she commented on how warm they felt. 

“We must cool them down somehow?” she said, undoing the handcuffs.

Mistress ordered me to remove my shirt, but I had to keep my tie on as it made a convenient leash with which she could drag me around. Re-cuffing my hands behind my back she yanked me into the bathroom  After amusing herself by whacking my cock several times with the tawse, she ran the shower. Turning it to full cold, she shoved me into the cubicle with a giggle. I let out a yelp as the cold water hit me and hopped out of the way of the jets, but seeing this Mistress ordered me crossly to stand underneath them. I shuddered under the freezing deluge, groaning. Everything immediately shrivelled up and I turned almost purple with goose bumps. The only part that wasn’t frozen were my buttocks, which seemed to be somewhat soothed by the cold water, and some of the burning subsided.

By the time I was allowed out my limbs were stiff with cold, and my privates were completely shrivelled up. Mistress found this highly amusing, sniggering with a hand over her mouth. “What a useless little prick you are, stephen.” she declared. All I could do was nod in agreement. My one consolation was that my buttocks had stopped burning so much. She slapped me a few more times all over, which hurt more than usual as I was wet and cold. 

Undoing the cuffs she ordered me to dry off, then yanked me into the bedroom again. Here I was ordered to massage her feet gently with some cream while she sat on the bed. As I did this I was most distracted by her shapely legs, and unfortunately being naked it showed. This did not go unnoticed and when I had finished Mistress pulled up a wooden chair and made me kneel in front of it with my penis laying on it. Slipping on one of her shoes she stepped on it hard while I grimaced in agony. When it had become limp and lifeless again she stopped and dragged me over to a door to what seemed to be an adjoining room. Unlocking it she shoved me inside. It was very small and there was a single bed in it. 

“This is your room.” she said, and with that withdrew closing and locking the door. I was left standing there naked with out my suitcase of clothes or anything else at all. In the end all I could do was climb into bed being careful not to sit on my still ripe backside. Although my penis was still sore at being stepped on, I still managed to squirt out a secret tribute to Mistress, before finally drifting off into an uncomfortable slumber.

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