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Slave Stephen tortured by the Online Mistress

One Saturday morning I was, as usual, thinking of the Online Mistress. It wasn’t long before I was stretched out on my bed, naked and pumping my cock as hard as I could. As I was building to a glorious climax my phone began to ring. At first I ignored it, hoping whoever it was would go away or leave a message, but as it kept ringing I became distracted, and lost my concentration. Irritated I picked up the phone and said rather tersely, “Hello!”. There was a pause followed by a familiar voice which turned my blood ice cold. “Slave! It’s me, Online Mistress. I want to see you in 1 hour at this address….” , an address followed by the words “…now get moving!” this was followed by a click as the phone went dead.

I had hardly had time to stutter a reply. I sat on my bed gathering my wits, and recovering from the fright of being unexpectedly contacted by my Mistress. I felt a mixture of emotions all at once. Pride and honour at being summoned to serve by one’s Mistress, mixed with fear and terror as to what she might have in store for me? I stared down at my now flaccid cock; my Mistress’ previous comments about its small size rang in my ears. I’m afraid you will have to wait I thought, stroking it affectionately.

In a flash I was in and out of the shower, dressed and out the door, into my car and tearing up the road as fast as I dared. As I knew all too well, it didn’t do to keep the Online Mistress waiting! She had given me a cryptic GPS co-ordinate which I fed into my satnav. Following the directions it vocalized I noted it was taking me out into the countryside, through winding twisting lanes. Very soon I had no idea where I was, even though I was still in the same county.

After half an hour of this I found myself in the middle of a dismal fen, with nothing but flat farmland as far as the eye could see. The only thing that I could see was an old grey house in the midst of some trees, toward which my satnav seemed to be directing me. As I got nearer I was directed down a lonely lane which took me towards it. Looming up in the gloom of a grey winter’s day it looked quite foreboding, and I became very uneasy. Dark windows, a dull grey slate roof with bare brick walls. It reminded me somewhat of an old Victorian prison.

This was the place the Online Mistress had directed me to because my satnav was telling me to pull into the yard. As I did so I noticed one other car parked there. Nervously I climbed out and looked about me. I was in a yard surrounded by trees, and in the middle of nowhere. I felt utterly alone, and vulnerable. This couldn’t be the place surely? I had an uneasy feeling of being watched, though I couldn’t see a soul. Turning to regard the house I thought I saw movement at an upstairs window briefly? Then I saw what seemed to be a note nailed to the solid wooden front door.

I approached to investigate and froze when I saw the words Slave Stephen scrawled on the paper in large red letters. Something about the harshness of the script unnerved me. I now knew I was in the right place. Glancing warily about me I nervously took the note down and unfolded it. The note read:-

Step inside.
Remove all of your clothes and leave them.
Come upstairs.
End of hall.
Last door on right.
Stand in centre of room, facing window, hands on head.
Await Me thus.

I felt very uneasy and the ominous words I’M WATCHING YOU seemed to be emphasized by my surroundings.

The instructions were simple and clear. With a last glance over my shoulder I entered the house. I found myself in a large musty-smelling hallway with a red and black-tiled floor. There was a couch in front of me with red upholstery, next to the beginning of a staircase which wound upwards. There was a door to my left and the hall narrowed and continued just past it. The hallway was cold and dark. The walls were decorated with some mirrors and various other items – some deer’s heads, some old muskets and bayonets, a painting of a young woman from the early 19th century by the look of her clothing, some antique-looking dolls, candlesticks and other strange ornaments. All was as quiet as the grave. I noticed a CCTV camera high on the wall, trained at me. Again I doubted I was in the right place, although the note in my hand confirmed to me that I was. I felt strange, a little giddy, and wondered what I was letting myself in for?

Regaining my wits, I did as the note directed me. I took of my coat and shoes, and feeling very self-conscious took of my sweater and t-shirt, placing them on the red couch. Feeling quite embarrassed I unbuckled my belt and slipped off my trousers. I took of my socks, and gasped as my bare feet touched the cold tiled floor. Lastly I slid down my gray shorts and placed them on top of the pile of my clothes. I cringed and shivered, partly with the cold and partly out of fear, and rubbed my arms and chest for warmth. My cock and nuts had shrivelled to a tiny stub.

Retrieving the note I checked the next instructions. I stood at the foot of the stairs and glanced upwards. All seemed dim and dark up there as the curtains were drawn in the hall, and as the stairs turned left I couldn’t see much anyway. I stepped on to the first stair and there was a groaning wooden creak. I proceeded slowly up them and they creaked alarmingly under my weight. Surely anyone in the house would hear me and know where I was?

At the top of the stairs a narrow hallway ran to my right with several doors off of it. My instructions directed me to the end of the hallway to the last door on the right. I made my way cautiously down it, the occasional floorboard creaking. It was cold and dim up here too. Everything was still and silent. As I went down the hallway I noticed the doors had name plates on them. I passed the Abaddon Room, the Asmodeus Room, the Azazel Room, the Eblis, and the BelialI Rooms. These seemed strange names for rooms? And although I hadn’t even heard of the names before there was something quite disconcerting about them, although I couldn’t think why? I felt quite over-awed in my nakedness, with my cock shwagging awkwardly between my legs. Suddenly, I felt a cold draught which made the hairs on my legs and chest rise, and my nipples to tighten. I shivered again, cringing with my hands between my legs, I was feeling rather scared now, and my instincts started to tell me to turnaround, go back down the hallway, down the stairs, get dressed and leave, and never return! Oh, if only I had heeded them?! I had a strange sensation of being a sacrificial lamb, going to the slaughter. But, I had been summoned here by my Mistress, and I was fairly sure it was she who had left the note. It was certainly she to whom I had spoken earlier, of that there could be no doubt.

At last I reached the last room on the right. The name plate read simply ‘The Lilith Room’. The door was of sturdy oak, and I was rather unnerved to note two large black deadbolts, top and bottom! Although they were currently drawn back. Gulping back my anxiety, I twisted the latch and pushed the door open, peering cautiously inside.

Beyond was a rather plain looking room. No carpet just bare floorboards, plain off-white dingy coloured walls, with one large square window opposite the door. Stepping inside I noticed a black-wooden St Andrews cross against the left wall, and opposite that, leather covered table. I did not fail to notice the thick leather shackles hanging by strong chains from them. The door closed firmly by itself behind me, and I noticed that this was probably due to the large, strong black spring attached between it and the wall.
Rather perplexingly I noticed some hooks on the wall holding some unpleasant looking whips, and a number of other strange devices, including a lot of rubber tubing. There was an old metal bucket in one corner and a dingy old, bare single mattress below the window. The window was open and the cold winter air had thoroughly penetrated the room, I also noted it had bars! I felt distinctly uncomfortable in my present situation, and wondered what the Online Mistress had in store for me? Knowing her it wouldn’t be pleasant, and I girded myself up for a painful encounter.

As I stood in the middle of the room and placed my hands upon my head, I considered my predicament. I hope the Mistress is not too harsh with me; I couldn’t help thinking, for I already felt quite weak and very vulnerable. Part of me couldn’t wait to see her, resplendent in all her finery, but another part of me secretly dreaded or feared the coming encounter.

I stood for some moments gazing out of the window. Those bars looked quite solid. Beyond, I could see for miles, even on such a dismal grey day. All I surveyed was bare countryside. Nothing moved in the landscape, no cars, people, animals – nothing. It occurred to me that if I got into any trouble out here, there would be no one to call for help. The area was utterly deserted. I suddenly felt completely isolated and alone. Well, I tried to console myself; I shouldn’t really be in any real danger. I’d probably be humiliated, and given a good beating, then allowed to go home. Then I could finish that promising wank I was almost through when Mistress phoned.

I stood there with my hands on my head feeling quite ridiculous. It was freezing in here! I glanced down at my cock to note that it had shrivelled to a very short stub barely more than an inch long, and my nuts were also shrivelled and turning blue. Where was the Online Mistress?

I stood for some time nothing happened, and there was no sign of anyone coming either. I took the time to glance around the room, hoping to find some comfort in my surroundings. I noticed some very strange objects and supposed that the room doubled as a storage space as well as makeshift torture chamber? I noticed an old-fashioned style kettle and was glad to note that Mistress enjoyed a brew up during her sessions, although what were those plastic tubes for, attached to the spout stopper? There was an old car battery, no doubt for recycling, although why would it be upstairs instead of out in some shed? The terminals looked polished as if still in use and there were coated wires attached to the terminals. Strange? Something else caught my eye, up on a shelf a propane blow torch, no doubt for welding chains together if they snapped?

The more I looked about the room the more a sense of unease grew upon me. Were those small occasional blood spots I could see on the floor boards and walls? I wondered where the Online Mistress was. So far no sight nor sound of her, or anyone else for that matter. I had been standing there with my hands on my head for a good 20 minutes. Was this her idea of a joke? Maybe she just wanted to frighten me and fool me by seeing how long I would wait like that before realizing it was just a joke? I wouldn’t have put it past her; it would certainly amuse her to think of me going through all this only to find she wasn’t coming.

I took a step forward and peered through the window down into the yard. I was shocked to see my car had vanished! The other car was also gone! What?!!!! It suddenly dawned on me that maybe she meant to trap me out here take my car and dump it so I would have to walk for miles to find it. Of course! That was it! The whole thing suddenly became crystal clear to me. It just had been a trick! While I was standing up here supposedly waiting to serve my Mistress she had taken my car keys and driven it miles away! What a cunning woman I thought, well she had certainly tricked me alright. If she meant to frighten me that had worked to, all these implements had been left here for the purpose of terrifying me into believing she intended to put them to more malevolent uses. What a woman, I had to hand it to her; she had really set me up this time.

Then I thought Omigod, what if she took my clothes as well?!! Oh, god, what would I do?! Well, I would just have to wait until darkness before setting off. Oh my god, what a state to get into! I dropped my hands and spun round. I wasn’t going to waste another minute standing there freezing. I had to find out if my clothes were still on the couch where I’d left them? And start working out how I was to get home? I grinned to myself at the brilliance of the Online Mistress’ plan. She really knew how to mess with a slaves mind! I felt a tingle in my loins at her outrageous audacity.

I had taken two steps toward the door when it suddenly opened. I stopped dead in my tracks to be confronted by the Online Mistress herself. I was utterly speechless! “Going somewhere, slave?!” she asked sarcastically, hands upon hips. I stood rooted to the spot, open-mouthed unable to even blubber a reply. Mistress stood before me, hair drawn back in a pony tail giving her a somewhat harsh aspect. She wore an immaculate, short, black PVC raincoat, stockings and black knee length boots with evil looking spiked heels. All I could do was gape in awe and surprise.

“My instructions to you were perfectly clear. You were to await me with your hands upon your head facing the window, where you not?!” she demanded.
I wheeled round instantly and put my hands on my head. “Y-y-yes, M-Mistress, perfectly clear Mistress!” I bleated.
I heard the door close and the lock turn.
“So why do I find you walking toward the door, hmm? Did we forget something?” she enquired.
“Um, n-n-no M-Mistress, I really m-must apologise, y-you see I thought you had decided not to turn up after all…” I offered.
“I see, so you regard me as a liar and a cheat do you?” she asked provocatively.
”Good God Mistress, I wouldn’t even dream of suggesting….”
“SHUT UP!!!”

The Online Mistress came and stood in front of me. “You worthless little worm!” She spat in my face. I give you instructions in the most simplest form, only a few easy-to-read-words, short sentences, one per line telling you exactly what to do and you can’t even be trusted to follow them to the letter, can you.
“Y-yes Mistress, I mean, no Mistress.” I replied in a shaky voice, utterly ashamed at this dressing down by a young woman.
“You are just so pathetic it makes me sick.” She said waking behind me.
“I’m so sorry, Mistress. I misunderstood…” I was cut short by a slap round the back of my head.
“You have just earned yourself some serious punishment, slave!” she said.
“Y-yes Mistress.” I acknowledged.

There was a pause then I felt my right wrist grasped and wrenched violently behind my back. I gasped in pain as the Online Mistress jerked my wrist hard up behind my back. I was propelled with incredible force across the room toward the wall opposite and only avoided breaking my nose against it by sticking out my one free left hand. My cock however fared worse and impaled against the wall, and I let out a cry of pain. Her grip was like iron, and I felt a steel hand cuff slapped over my right wrist. A moment later she had done the same with my other wrist and I was helpless. She wasn’t even going to give me the chance to submit voluntarily, she was simply taking and enslaving me.

I was spun around and slapped in the face which knocked me off balance and I slid down the wall to the floor. Mistress aimed a vicious kick to my groin and her pointed boot caught my unsuspecting testicals square on. I howled in pain and felt an overpowering shock as the blow landed and a rising feeling of nausea afterwards. My groin ached all the way up to my kidneys and I doubled up on the floor coughing and groaning. While I lay there Mistress retrieved a black leather collar, slapped it around my neck, and did it up. She then used it to haul me to my feet.

“Up…you…get!” she said.

I stood, still doubled over, gasping for breath, knees together in a vain attempt to ease the pain from my burning testes.

“Stand up straight, slave!” she shouted.

I complied as best I could. Gasping and snivelling, whilst Mistress surveyed her handiwork. My cock had shrivelled back to a tiny nub again after this treatment. Seeing this she said. “Look at your pathetic little worm.”

I glanced down, and reddened with embarrassment at what I saw. Stroking her chin thoughtfully she mused “Hmm, we shall have to shave your privates before we begin.”
“Um, I’d rather not if you don’t mind mistress?” I quaked, terrified of what anyone might think if I went for a medical exam or into a public changing room. Mistress simply ignored my protestations and shoved me on to the leather covered table behind me. She strapped my legs apart and when out. I stared down at my privates and their covering of pubic hair, imagining what it would look like all gone. No, I didn’t want them shaved. I struggled but to no avail as I was strapped up too tightly.

Soon Mistress returned with a bowl of water, some shaving foam and to my horror a large old-fashioned cut throat razor and placed them on the table next to me. “Hmm, it’s cold, time to shut the window I think.” She said moving to close the window. Mistress sponged my privates with hot water and I howled in pain. “Don’t be such a baby!” I was ordered.

She sprayed some foam in her hand and slapped it against my balls, “AAARGGH!” I squawked in pain. Once they were well covered she unfolded the cut-throat razor. It had a large evil looking blade which she proceeded to sharpen very carefully testing it on a hair she plucked from my chest. “Mmm, nice and sharp” she said lustily, with a harsh look in her eye. I stiffened up.
“Now, please Mistress, be very careful with that thing. It’s dangerous and…”
“SHUT UP, SLAVE!” I was interrupted. “You just sit very still and pray I don’t cut anything other than your pubes off.”
I had no choice but to obey. She grasped my cock firmly placed the razor against it and paused. I nearly fainted, as the image conjured up one of castration.
“For God’s sake be careful!” I squeaked quaking nervously.
Mistress scrapped the blade firmly against my shaft, and I squawked terrified “Please Mistress, not so hard!”
Mistress frowned at me grabbed a flannel and stuffed it into my mouth. “Make sure it doesn’t come out” she warned “or you will lose your balls.”
I sat gasping, clucking and squealing as Mistress made bold firm strokes with the razor blade up and down the shaft of my penis, then over the surface of my scrotum. I hardly dared breath and at times closed my eyes. I bit into the flannel occasionally when she scrapped too hard “MMPPPHH!!!” I received a slap round the face. “You idiot, you almost made me slip!”

After that I hardly dared to breath.

Eventually, it was done. Mistress rinsed my privates with water and dried them for me with a towel. My cock responded by swelling and stiffening and once they were dry she inspected her fine work. There all smooth and naked now. She tickled my balls then took my cock in her hand, pressed her thumb against its head and gave two quick jerks on it for good measure. Though brief, these two jerks were enough to inspire an almost instant orgasm, I felt my sperm begin to run up my shaft and had she not released my cock when she did I think I would have faced the embarrassment of a premature ejaculation, such was the effect of the Online Mistress on me. I sat there for agonizing moments as my potential orgasm subsided.

“Right off you get, buster!” she said unstrapping my legs and hauling me off the table by my collar. Let’s see how smooth your nuts are now and she squeezed my balls so tightly that I though one would burst. “OOOOWW!” I yelled and cringed, my balls aching again.

“Oh, poor Stephen” she said suddenly striking an air of mock sympathy. She stepped up to me and put her arms around my neck almost affectionately. “We, that is I, am going to have such fun together this weekend. I’ve brought you out here so that I can give you my complete undivided attention. You really are such a lucky slave aren’t you?”
“Y-yes Mistress” I replied still struggling to come to terms with how easily she had restrained me. “I am going to violate and excruciate you beyond belief, Stephen. Feel free to scream if you want to. No one will hear you but it may help you to deal with your pain better.”
“Uh, p-please mistress,” I asked, “W-What are you going to do to me?”
She simply touched her nose conspirationaly and said “Now let’s get started.”

With that she brought her knee up hard into my groin, and I let out a yell of pain and folded to my knees again groaning in pain. My already swollen balls were on fire and I wondered if they had been permanently damaged?

Ignoring my pain Mistress set to work. She rolled me over onto my stomach as though I were a mere lump of meat. She put her hands between my legs, grasped my cock and unceremoniously wrenched it back between my legs. “AAARRGHH!” I yelled. She pinned my legs and strapped my ankles together with a buckled leather strap, and fastened this to an iron ring in the floor. Next she attached a chain to my handcuffs and fastened this to a ring in the wall. All I was able to do was to gasp in discomfort and fight down my rising nausea. My balls were throbbing.

Mistress next grasped my balls and wrapped a shoelace round and round and round them, pulling it very tight so they were both stretched and protruding between my legs behind me. “Oh! No!” I yelled. She then shoved me in the back and I fell forward, and then jerked to a halt as the chain around my handcuffs held. I was kneeling leaning forward in a most uncomfortable position, and I groaned, whined and gasped in discomfort and pain.

Mistress bent next to me and attached two crocodile clips attached to a chain to both of my nipples “Ouch! Ouch! No! Please!” I shouted. Mistress simply giggled, pulled the wickedly tight and attached the chain to another floor ring. “AAAARRGHH! NO!” I yelled, as my nipples were pinched and stretched simultaneously.

If I thought this was uncomfortable, she wasn’t finished yet. To my utter horror and amazement she fetched a metal device from a drawer. It was a kind of clamp and looked like a pair of callipers. To my horror she took hold of my tiny cock and slid one end of the device into the eye of my penis and up my urethra. I felt intense pain and violation all in one instant, and this in addition to the pain I was already in caused me to let out an unadulterated scream of pain.

That was nothing to the scream I unleashed when she clamped it shut and the spring drove the other spiked end into the bare flesh of my penis. “AAAAAAIIIIII!!!” I howled, “What are you doing to me?!” I screamed. Mistress didn’t answer, but tittered naughtily, attached a small chain to the callipers and pulled on it. I let out an awful scream as my cock was stretched with a metal rod inserted up my urethra and a metal spike embedded in the bare flesh of my penis.

“Oh! God! NOOOO! NOOO! Help! Someone help me!” I screamed. Mistress looked unperturbed.
“No one will hear you.” Was all she said with a smirk of pleasure? The demonic woman then attached the chain to my ankle strap, and I was now in agony. I was in a ridiculously uncomfortable position. Kneeling on a hard wooded floor, naked, suspended by a chain from my arms stretched out behind me, my nipples being stretched in front of me, my balls stretched tightly and my poor cock clamped in the most cruel and inhumane way.

“There, let’s see how you like that Stephen, hmm.” She said with an air of satisfaction.
I was gasping in short breaths in utter agony.
“Oh! Please Mistress, let me go! Just let me go, I can’t bear it anymore!” I cried.
“The thing is Stephen,” said the Online Mistress, “when you’re all strapped up at my mercy like that, you’ll just have to bear it, won’t you.” And she pinched my cheek as she would a child.

I was left in this awful position while the Mistress stood and examined some of her whips. I lost sight of her behind me and concentrated on trying my best to alleviate the pain. I had made a grave mistake coming here I thought. She was utterly sadistic. I closed my eyes and bit back a sob of pain.

The next moment I felt a slap and searing pain across my buttocks. I screamed again. Then I felt another and another. As I struggled to lessen the impact of the blows my nipples stung murderously and my poor cock burned white hot with pain. “No! NO! Stop! Please Mistress, stop!” I screamed, but she didn’t stop. She lashed me harder, and she lashed my balls which were protruding between my buttocks too. I screamed and screamed, full on as loud as my lungs could let me, but Mistress didn’t stop. She seemed to enjoy the sound of my screaming and the look of agony on my face and she just kept going. “Somebody help me, please!” I screamed through gritted teeth when I realized it was no use begging the Online Mistress.

She even beat my cock. The merciless bitch I thought (please forgive me, Mistress!). As if it wasn’t in enough pain she beat my cock! I almost passed out with pain, but she wasn’t even finished then. She presented to me a whip which had on its end a rubber ball of hard plastic spikes. She made me kiss it, then walked behind me and paused. “No! Mistress please!” I yelled “Whatever it is your going to do stop! I’ve had enough! I can’t take anymore, do you hear? Please Mistress, for god’s sake!” I sobbed.

I heard a faint titter, and then felt an awful blow against my testicals. The scream I emitted was entirely genuine, and done at the top of my lungs. I couldn’t believe what she had just done to me. She had wacked my already strapped up balls with the spiked rubber ball on the end of the whip. I choked and sobbed after the scream, and then she hit my balls with it again “AAAAAAAAAIAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!” I screamed. Struggling my nipples burned my cock felt as though it was being cut through as I yanked it through my struggles, attached as it was to my ankles, and my balls not only ached from the blow, but my testes felt as though they’d been pierced by the spikes.

Satisfied this was painful enough Mistress next got hold of a metal vibrator. I was far too preoccupied with my pain from nipples and cock and throbbing balls to take note of what she was up to now. I felt a cool smear of Vaseline applied to my anus, and the next moment the head of the metal vibrator was thrust into my anus. “NO! NOO! NO!! ENOUGH!! ENOUGH!!” I cried, but all I heard was that annoying titter again. Soon the metal vibro was inserted deeply in my anus and I felt its chill violation against my swollen prostate gland. This was actually a relief from the torture she had heaped upon me up until now, and I was almost thankful for it.

That is until she switched it on. For then I realized it was not a vibrator at all. It was an electrical shocking device, able to deliver its payload not to an outer body area, but to an extremely sensitive inner one, namely my rectum. Once again I screamed at the top of my lungs, and Mistress chortled “Owff!” in enjoyment of such exquisite pain.

Now I was suspended by a chain, my nipple being clamped and stretched in front of me my cock secured by a spiked clamp and attached to my ankles, and my balls stretched protruding between my legs, and a metal dildo inserted into my rectum with electrical shocks being delivered through it at the touch of a button. I was in hell, but as far as Mistress was concerned she had just got me where she wanted me. Now she stood behind me and played on me like an instrument. In one hand she held the control switch for the electric dildo, in the other the spiked-ball whip.

She paused momentarily, as a conductor does before she orchestrates a musical composition. All the while I gasped and sobbed in agony. Then she began to play on me. First a blow with the spiked-ball to the testicals, then a second or two with the electrics, then a blow, then electrics, wack, switch, switch, wack, switch, wack, wack, wack, electrics, electrics, electrics, wack, wack, wack, electrics, electrics, long pause then long electrics, wack!,wack!,wack! electrics, electrics, electrics, electrics, electrics, wack,wack,wack. All the while I screamed in agony quite unashamedly, I howled, wept, and begged her to stop, but I was kept in agony until the Online Mistress was happy, and then on a lot longer. After all she hadn’t gone to all that trouble for 5 minutes worth of pleasure had she?

Out came a whip with thin tails and what looked like steel balls “Nooo! For God’s Sake nooooo!” I screamed but this was applied all over my flesh until I stung and burned all over and had red welts and blood dripping from numerous tiny wounds. She didn’t even spare my cock or balls or nipples which I found psychologically hard to bare. I was in utter terror of my life and couldn’t escape. I was sobbing by now quite uncontrollably as the pain was so intense and I had almost passed out a couple of times. Indeed if she hadn’t eased up when she did I think I would have done. She had reduced me to a twitching lump of raw meat, and she wasn’t satisfied yet.
The Online Mistress bent close to me to check me over. I was bathed in sweat and my hair was wet with it. I am ashamed to say my cheeks were streaked with tears and I found it so humiliating to look her in the eye after what she had done to me. I had bruised welts and tiny blood spats all over me too. Mistress took a cold sponge and soothingly wiped my face of sweat and tears. I was still in agony, my nipples cock and balls were numb with pain now, perhaps the adrenalin had blocked off the pain to an extent? “Oh, you poor dear” she said mockingly as she wiped my tears away.

I took the opportunity to try and reason with her. “Look please Mistress, I just can’t take this anymore. Please, you have to let me go!”
“Can’t take it Stephen?” she replied, “Why what do you think will happen when you can’t take anymore?”
“I-I don’t know Mistress, all I know is that I cannot stand such intense pain any longer, you’ll kill me. My cock is pierced and damaged; please I don’t want to lose it! And my balls…” I broke off into sobs again.
The stern voice of the Online Mistress addressed me.
“Your cock is fine, so it may have been pierced, and your balls are a little bruised, but nothing that can’t be repaired with a little rest and recuperation. Don’t be such a pathetic sissy.”
“Please Mistress,” I persisted, “You don’t understand, I’ve reached my limit. I’m in agony.” I implored.
“It is you who do not understand Stephen, dear. I am going to take you beyond your limits. You only think you’re finished, and perhaps you are psychologically in that weak male brain of yours, but I intend to demonstrate to you just how much punishment the human body can take.” She replied.
“Please mistress, not on my body!” I croaked.
“Now enough of this, you’re acting like a silly little schoolboy, Stephen.” Said Mistress, “If you don’t be quiet I shall have to gag you, and then you’ll struggle to breathe properly as well.”
I let out a pathetic wail, and really did sound like a pathetic schoolboy.

“Now back to business!” said the Online Mistress gaily. She went to a drawer and came back with some long thin needles. They were about 6 inches long. She showed them to me quite deliberately. “My god, what are you going to do with those?” I demanded incredulously. She said nothing but reached down to my numb cock. “Ah! Ah! No!” I cried shaking my head. “No! Not my cock! Please Mistress!” I yelled. I only expected her to prick my cock with the needle, but her purpose was more sinister than that. She placed a cork on the end of the needle, and then took the head of my penis firmly in her hand. It was already in agony with the calliper type clamp piercing it. What she did next almost made me faint.

The Online Mistress pressed the needle into the head of my penis, as she did so I screamed but she pushed it right through and it came out the other side. I screamed and screamed and screamed. I felt sick, I was in agony not only from the latest wound inflicted on my already traumatized privates, but from the other places still clamped or stretched as I struggled madly. “Heehehehee!” she giggled like a naughty schoolgirl, while I screamed my head off. As I did so she went to the electrical switch and activated the electrode in my anus so my rectum received a blast of volts, which sent my screaming to new heights.
“Demon!” I choked, finally as the pain subsided enough for me to breath.
Mistress simply put on a mocked hurt face and pouted at me. I was in a daze of agony and she seemed to thrive on my distress.
I carefully tried to look down at my poor impaled cock. I caught sight of the needle protruding from the head of my cock with a small trickle of blood running down my foreskin.
“Oh, god, what have you done to my cock?!” I shrieked. “What have you done to my cock?” I began to sob.
Mistress was kneeling in front of me again. “Stephen look at me!” she ordered.
I looked up through tear-stained eyes. She slapped my face and said “I am getting tired of your silly little outbursts.” She held up a ball gag, if you continue to be a spineless wretch then I’m afraid I shall have to gag you. “No! No! No! Please don’t do that!” I begged, “Please Mistress, no more.”
“Tut-tut, I’m warning you.” She sang.

The Online Mistress produced another needle. Through gritted teeth I seethed “No! No more! For god’s sake woman!”
Undeterred, she grasped my balls “Oh! For god’s sake NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I beg you! Mistress! I’ll do anything in the world for you! Not this!! NOOOO!!!” I screamed.
She allowed me to make my case to her, gave me a fair hearing, and then calmly pushed the needle through my scrotum until it too pierced the other side. I screamed and screamed again, as she giggled. Once against that arch-demoness flicked the switch on the electrode and my rectum buzzed with voltage, she also took my penis and shook it to cause pain by moving the wounded tissues, she even gleefully slapped my nipples as I screamed and screamed and broke down sobbing. Tears rolled from my eyes straight down onto the wooden floor boards.
“Oh please take them out!” I groaned, but Mistress took hold of the needle through my scrotum and wiggled it gently. This was enough to cause me to cavort and howl wrenching the nipple clamps off of my nipples. I was relieved to get rid of them.

I was in a world of hell. I understood now hwy she had brought me to such an isolated spot. She wanted to torture me and go on inflicting pain on me as long as it amused her to do so. My feelings were of no consequence, the Online Mistress was not only in charge but well and truly in control, I was too tightly restrained by leather and steel to do anything. I wasn’t going anywhere unless she allowed me to. I wondered what time it was, it must have been mid-afternoon by now. Surely she would let me go soon? Before dark?

The Online Mistress produced another needle. “Oh, god!” I sighed, sobbing as she grinned at me with demonic delight. She pinched my left nipple and pressed the needle through until it came out the other side “AAARRGHH! ARRRRGGHH!” I screamed, then “Gag me! Gag me! Please gag me!” I found myself begging her. This was because the pain was so unbearable I needed something to bite into to take my mind away. Mistress understood this and lustily fastened a thick rubber tube-shaped gag into my mouth. This allowed me to bite down on it and somehow this helped me to tolerate the pain she was inflicting on me.

She wiped my eyes almost affectionately, and then produced another needle. I sobbed into my gag shaking my head. She pinched my right nipple, then pierced and slid the needle through it. I screamed again though my scream was much muted, and she seemed to enjoyed a muted scream no less than a full blown one. In fact the stifling of it seemed to stimulate her even more.

I felt thoroughly wretched, pierced in nipples, my cock and scrotum, not to mention the other indignities she had heaped upon me. Mistress stood up and slid the old car battery over to me. God only knew what she intended with that. I soon found out. She attached the wires from the electrodes to the needles in my nipples and I cavorted, jerked and thrashed screaming into my gag as my newly-pierced nipples erupted in searing pain. She had a switch fixed on an old block of wood which she used to turn the current on and off. She played with me flicking the switch on and off enjoying my reaction each time. She also beat my balls again, which horrified me as I still had a needle in my scrotum. She then attached the wires to that needle and enjoyed my cavorting thus caused. Nor did she forget the needle through my cock. By the time she was finished tears were rolling down my cheeks freely.

Darkness had long since fallen when she finally undid the chain that held my arms to the wall. I slumped to the floor in agony as blood ran back into cramped limbs. Unhitching the chain binding my cock to my ankles she dragged me across the floor and dumped me on the old mattress. She did not remove the needles or untie me. She did however un-gag me so I could breathe easier.
“Can’t I go home now, Mistress?” I implored.
“No, I haven’t finished with you yet” she replied, and left me in darkness.

I sobbed in despair after she left the room. I was handcuffed; my balls were still bound tightly and swollen from the beating they’d received. My cock was still clamped in some metal calliper which went up my urethra, and I was still pieced with 6” (albeit very thin) needles through my nipples, cock and scrotum. My ankles were still bound. As the adrenalin of the day’s torture session began to finally wear off I underwent another pain barrier, as my wounds began to fret me. I was severely uncomfortable, I couldn’t get free to remove the torture devices still attached to me, and I couldn’t relax either. I tried frustratingly trying to break out of, and then squeeze out of the hand cuffs but it was just impossible. Leather and steel kept me imprisoned. It was so frustrating as I knew if I could just get free I could relieve myself of the instruments causing me intense pain. Even as I thrashed about helplessly on the mattress my wounds burned all the more for my struggles.

If only she’d tied me with my hands in front, then I’d have a hope, but behind my back as they were I had no hope. I slumped back on the mattress frustrated and more in pain than ever. I thought of the Online Mistress, perhaps in another room, enjoying a bath, perhaps watching TV, sipping a glass of wine while I lay here in agonizing pain. What a fool I’d been eagerly hastening to my own torture. And when was she going to let me go??!!

Several hours later the door creaked open and I saw a flickering light. My heart leapt into my mouth and I began to breathe rapidly. I saw the silhouette of a woman holding a candle. My god had she come to torture me some more or to release me? I hardly dared hope?

It was the Online Mistress and I was shocked to note she was wearing a only a black, almost see-through, baby-doll night dress. She came over to where I lay and knelt beside me. I was shuddering with fear wondering what she was going to do. She had let her hair down and it fell about her shoulders. I couldn’t help but admire her perfect breasts, figure and legs in the candle light. She looked so attractive. So much so that I momentarily forgot my predicament and allowed my cock to swell. This instantly produced searing pain in my cock from the needle there and the clamp. I gasped and groaned. Mistress put her finger to her lips and made a “Shhh” sound.
“Relax now Stephen, you’re tired and have had a long tiring day.” She said in a soothing voice. I groaned painfully.
“Come now let me ease your suffering a little.” She said. I regarded her warily. She sat next to me on the mattress and gently rubbed my stomach. Again I cringed as my cock swelled and the clamp and needle shifted. It was impossible due to the pain for me to get a full erection.

To my surprise and relief Mistress undid the clamp on my cock and slid it out from my urethra. I squealed in pain as it came out. That still left the needle in and I dreaded that coming out. Mistress didn’t try to remove it however. She sat and spoke quietly to me for a while. When I had stopped groaning I felt her hand move down to my groin. It felt for my limp cock carefully and gently began to rub it “Ah! Ah! Ow!” I gasped but she gently shushed me again. I lay there with the strange feeling of pain in my cock but the warm feeling of being gently masturbated. I couldn’t help looking at the Online Mistress, how beautiful she looked. I must remember her like this I thought. I felt cool fingers tickle my testicles and these too felt a combination of pain and pleasure. Some time passed and Mistress’ gentle rhythmic pumping of my cock began to get the better of the needle pain. My cock became hard and stiff and I felt the pain from the needle even more however the pleasure from Mistress’ masturbation was just ahead of it.

It took some time but slowly, painfully I felt myself building toward an explosion. But how could I possible cum with a needle through my cock. It seemed impossible but that is exactly what was happening. I began to dread the mounting orgasm, and groaned, whimpered and even sobbed once or twice. I looked pleadingly at the Online Mistress who looked down upon me calmly. The next moment it took me and I arched back in an impossible combination of pain and pleasure. Indeed I flashed from one moment of intense pain to the next of total pleasure. I gritted my teeth and writhed on the mattress not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Mistress kept a firm hold of my cock as I began to cavort uncontrollably beside her, thrashing from side to side. A mass of unintelligible sounds emanated from me and it was hard to tell which emotion they represented, so closely intertwined they were. I snorted one moment sobbed the next, and soon I felt my sperm making its way inexorably up my shaft and jetting into the air in evenly-spaced spurts to land on my stomach. Mistress generously pumped after to push out the last dregs, as I lay gasping for breath on the mattress. I recalled that this had been how the day had started, although I never dreamed it would be the Online Mistress herself giving me the honours. What a price I had paid for it though? My own sweat, blood, tears, and unimaginable agony and an impossible combination of pain and pleasure at the end, but that was what life was like if you were honoured to be the slave of the Online Mistress.

My bonds prevented me from reaching out to her and just as well, because pushing my luck in such circumstances would have been utterly foolish. I felt like the male Black Widow spider when it tries to mate, one false move and it gets eaten by the female. “T-Thank you, Mistress.” I offered tentatively as she wiped her hands on my chest hair. She simply ignored me, and began unfolding a clear plastic bag that she had brought with her.

I shifted awkwardly and tried to face her better. By now she had unfolded the bag. She lifted my head and made me sit up, which I did awkwardly. The next moment she sat astride me and the clear plastic bag went over my head! I felt her tighten it behind my neck and saw condensation as my breath touched the plastic. The next moment I inhaled and what little air was in the bag disappeared down my lungs, pulling the plastic tight about my face. Suddenly I couldn’t inhale anymore. She pulled my head against her bosom and continued her firm grip on the bag. The happy place where my head now was completely lost on me as I fought for air. I gasped and gasped but no air came into my lungs! I tried to call out but my face was pressed against Mistress’ breasts. I was terrified, handcuffed and strapped up at the ankles as I was I just couldn’t do anything. The Online Mistress held me in a vice like grip. I couldn’t believe it! She was going to suffocate me! Was she completely mad? Some kind of female serial killer? I felt myself going dizzy, I tried to struggle with the little remaining oxygen in my blood remained, but I was too firmly bound. No, this can’t be I thought, I’m going to die at the hands of the Online Mistress! I really had made a big mistake! Just as I thought I was about to black out the bag was ripped off my head and I felt the cool air on my face as I desperately tried to fill my lungs with oxygen. I managed 2 or 3 gasps and then it was over my head again, and again I was pinned fighting for oxygen. The process was repeated on me several times, and the Online Mistress seemed to be enjoying my near death-throes.

Finally she stopped. “Did you think you were going to die, slave?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress” I managed to croak.
“Good.” She said. She picked up the candle, and walked out.

I spent a painful night on the mattress, with very little sleep. When I awoke I felt as though I had a hangover. My wounds from the previous day sang out instantly to let me know they were still there and I groaned in pain. I also groaned when I realized I was still a prisoner of the Online Mistress, and still her torture victim. God, what awful things awaited me today? I thought in stark terror. It wasn’t long before the door opened, and the Online Mistress came in. She was dressed in ordinary clothes. “I was going to torture you some more today,” she announced quite matter-of-factly, “but luckily for you something else has come up, and I have to leave. You may leave when you are able.” And she turned and left the room. I was dumbfounded. Just as the door was about to close it opened again.

“Oh, before I forget,” she said holding out something in her hand, “The keys to your handcuffs.” And she dropped them on the floor. I heard her footsteps go down the hallway, and soon afterwards I heard a car start up in the yard outside below and the sound of tyres slowly moving across gravel. As the engine sound faded into the distance, I suddenly realized I was completely alone.

It was Sunday morning, the Online Mistress had left, but I was still bound tightly on the old mattress. I felt weak from the exertions of the past 24 hours, and still in agony from my wounds. There was no one to help me and I realized I had to try and make it to the keys she had dropped. Slowly, groaning painfully every inch of the way I slowly eased myself off of the mattress. I noticed last night’s sperm still caked to my stomach and chest. I began to push myself along with my legs, squealing each time I caught a splinter in my naked flesh of disturbed a needle in my nipples, cock or scrotum.

After 20 mins I reached the handcuff keys and began to fumble desperately with them to try and unlock them. It was really hard as my hands were numb, and after half an hour I had still made no progress. I began to sob thinking I’d never get out, and I really didn’t want to still be there if the Online Mistress returned, and blow my chance for freedom. I forced myself to relax a few minutes then proceeded more slowly and with less desperation.

At last I got the key in and managed to turn it enough. I was over-joyed when they finally undid from my left wrist, and almost sobbed for joy. I rubbed my wrists to get the circulation back into them, and then tentatively reached down to undo the leather strap around my ankles. To my horror it was padlocked and couldn’t be removed without a key. I groaned at this new set back but determined that I would need to search for the key or find something to free them with. Before I did that though I had to remove the needles.

I spent the next hour painfully, agonizingly easing the needles out first from my nipples, then my cock then my scrotum. I rolled around the floor groaning in agony and sobbing as each one finally came out. The pain was unbelievable, my torture continued even though the Mistress had long since departed.

Finally I was in a position to try and stand up, although my ankles were still firmly strapped together. I felt dizzy and weak and had to be careful. I didn’t wasn’t to fall and kill myself. When ready, all I could do was hop about the room from point to point checking in drawers and cabinets for keys. I found some but none fitted. What I found in some cabinets and cupboards I’d rather not say, but let’s just say that I had been very lucky indeed that the Online Mistress had been called away. I shuddered thinking I had spent the night in the same room as some of those torture devices I found.

Despairing of finding a key, the only option I had was to try and hop through the house to find something to cut through the leather with? This proved difficult and time-consuming. I made it out of the Lilith torture room where I had just spent an agonizing 24 hours. I began to hop down the hall way. It was just so painful. My nipples were bruised and hurt when I hopped and worst of all my cock was flapping up and down literally beating my balls, both of these parts having suffered Piercing by the Online Mistress’ needles in their turn. I had to hold on to my cock and balls as I hopped, and realized what a ridiculous sight I must have looked on the CCTV camera. I wondered if it was recording?

Travelling down the hallway was very painful, all the doors being locked. The stairs were easier to negotiate as I could hold on to the banisters and ease myself down gently. I made it to the bottom and on to the freezing floor tiles. I looked at the couch; my clothes were nowhere to be seen. I gave a huff of frustration. After pausing for a rest I began to hop across the hallway, again I had to hold my cock and balls to stop them shwagging painfully against each other and inflaming their already painful wounds. Time was getting on. I think it had been about 3 hours since the Online Mistress had left, and here I was still a prisoner in this awful house.

When the Online Mistress had dropped the keys to my handcuffs on the floor of the Lilith Room I had glimpsed my salvation, but it was proving much harder to realize than I had thought. What terrified me the most was the thought of the Online Mistress returning before I had got away, as she might seize upon the opportunity to re-imprison me, and put me through some further agonizing tortures, and after what I had seen lurking in those cupboards upstairs I was determined not to miss my opportunity of escape. I just couldn’t bear the thought of going through that ordeal again or worse, especially in my now wounded state. I just wanted to get home, and try to forget this awful experience!

I found what appeared to be a dining room and hopped around it looking for something to undo my padlocked ankle strap. No luck. After freezing in terror momentarily having thought I heard a noise, I continued my search with mounting desperation.

I next hopped into the kitchen, and rifled the drawers looking for a sharp knife. Finally I found one and thrust it carefully between my ankles and began sawing through the tough, thick leather. I was impressed at just how strong the leather was, and prayed there was no strengthening wire inside it. Christ, the Online Mistress certainly never meant for me to break loose from this ankle strap I thought as I sawed desperately. It was difficult and tiring work, especially in my weakened state, and I had to sit down on the cold tiles and grip the knife in both hands to saw. It took a lot of effort, and I began to despair again “Come on! Come on!” I almost shrieked through gritted teeth.

Eventually I was through, but it had taken ages just to get this far. It was now past lunchtime. Why was I still here??!! I massaged my ankles and paced about getting the feeling back into my feet. I gulped down some water and crammed a few biscuits into my mouth for strength. There was other fare, but I wasn’t going to waste time making a meal, even if it did help revive me. I could eat all I wanted when I got home I just wanted to get away from this house!

The next problem to confront me was where were my clothes and more importantly my car keys, and even my car!!! I had supposed the Online Mistress had disposed of it some distance away, but couldn’t know for sure. Anyway now that my ankles were free as well as my wrists I could search the house more easily. Search as I may I couldn’t find my clothes anywhere, and sobbed in frustration. “Why am I still here?!” I implored the ceiling.

The afternoon wore on. God it had been morning when the Online Mistress had left, half an hour later and I should have followed her I thought incredulously. Where had she hidden my clothes? I had to search upstairs again, but all the upstairs doors were locked. I gave up looking for my clothes and began searching for my car keys. As my desperation mounted, I forced myself to think rationally. The Online Mistress seems to have intended that I leave, perhaps she hadn’t hidden them as I began to suspect, but had left them in some logical place. I checked the hall table and drawers, no luck. It was beginning to get dark outside, and my desperation was reaching new heights. I was going through the kitchen drawers for the seventh time when I noticed my car keys hanging on a cup hook, alongside my house keys. “Oh! Thank god!” I cried “Now for freedom at last!”

But I stopped dead. Clothes! I couldn’t return home naked! I needed to find some clothes. I scoured the house again, there was no sign of my clothes, and the only ones I found were a peach coloured blouse and pencil skirt. I couldn’t possibly wear these any anyway, they probably belonged to the Online Mistress and god only knew what she’d do to me if I took them. I eventually found a white tea towel which when wrapped around my waist barely covered my private parts. At least it was dark outside, maybe I could sneak in without the neighbours seeing me?

Armed with little more than this plan I opened the front door and stepped out into the yard. It was cold and wet, and I was freezing. My car was nowhere to be seen. I tiptoed barefoot across the gravel toward an old barn. I froze in terror when a security light came on and lit me up for all to see. I managed to get the barn door open and inside was my car. “Thank god!” I thought. Pushing the doors wide I hopped in and started her up. It was awkward driving in bare feet, and freezing cold, so I turned up the heater. I reversed out, closed the doors, and as I hopped back in the car I paused a moment to look up at the barred window of the Lilith room. I would never forget my 24 hour ordeal in that room, or what tortures the Online Mistress inflicted upon me up there. I would surely have the scars for some time. Well, I only had myself to blame, thinking with my cock had got me in to a very painful situation, which I was lucky to be over.

I was soon one my way home, but couldn’t help thinking about the Online Mistress and what she had done to me. I felt so ashamed, insignificant and humiliated. She had made me scream and scream like I had never done before. She had inflicted such pain and terror on me that I had sobbed uncontrollably like a child. How humiliated I felt thinking about it. How could I ever look myself in the mirror again knowing what a grovelling wretch she had turned me in to? She made me cry like a baby, and yet looking at myself she had been right. I was battered, bruised and even pierced in the wrong places, but no permanent damage had been done. I would soon recover.

There was something else too. During my 24 hour ordeal I had been utterly dependent upon her. She could have killed me if she wanted to or done anything with me she liked. The feeling of her absolute control over me under those circumstances remained, and seemed to hang over me like a ball and chain. Though I was now free, I secretly knew that I was not free at all. I knew that I was the well and truly enslaved puppet of the Online Mistress. I knew now that my will was no longer strong enough to resist hers!

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