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Clothes Peg Torture

Dear Mistress,

I’m glad you enjoyed my humble apology and photograph, I hope it was adequate. If not, let me know? I was sitting in my back room in the photo, which I use as a study, and makeshift torture chamber when serving you. My lesson report follows.


I’m most grateful to you for sending me my next lesson. Today I went out and bought a pack of wooden pegs, as I only had plastic; and some batteries for my camera. I must admit I cringed, as the wooden ones look more painful. Also, I remember one of your previous lessons involving clothes pegs, and that was excruciating. Nevertheless, you are my Mistress and I will obey you. I fully expect to be in agony during it and my only consolation is that it is for your pleasure and satisfaction, and I can hardly deny I don’t deserve it, can I. Therefore, I hope to provide you with as much entertainment from this lesson as I can, which you surely deserve.

Earlier I showered, and shaved as a mark of respect to you, as I thought I must be clean, neat and tidy for Mistress’ session. During the day, I was looking forward to serving you that night, albeit with trepidation. I was trying to prepare mentally for the pain and anguish I was about to endure just for you, and pep myself up for a courageous performance. Whenever I thought about the pain to come I thought about your satisfaction in the lesson, which is all that matters, and this was of paramount importance to me.

When the time came I closed the door and curtains, and positioned my camera. I began to unwrap your evil-looking pegs. It was a pack of 24, so I had to go and find another albeit plastic one to make 25. Looking at them lined up, I couldn’t imagine the pain I would be in when they were all attached to my soft flesh as I writhed on the floor for 10 minutes, and then tried to flick them off! I was mortified. It would be like being tortured in hell with Mistress as a demon, enjoying my torment.

First I stripped off for you. Being naked, I felt exposed, humiliated and embarrassed that my cock was erect. I could imagine you standing in front of me taking your time, mocking my predicament, making humiliating remarks about my privates and nudity, enjoying my embarrassment, whilst I vainly attempted to cover myself up and retain some tiny scrap of dignity.

As I sat down on the floor ready to begin I really felt as though I was in a torture chamber with you, being fastened into some torture device, about to endure pain and agony at your hands. There was no getting out of it, I simply had to endure it as best I could. I dreaded the feeling of 25 wooden pegs biting into my bare flesh, pinching tighter and tighter as the seconds passed all too slowly. I couldn’t bare to think what it would feel like rolling around on them, but determined to visualize you standing over me laughing at my distress, while I squirmed in agony. Perhaps if I were to plead for mercy, Mistress might relent and cut the torture short out of pity, but somehow I didn’t think so, although she’d probably enjoy listening to my pleas. The part I was really not looking forward to was flicking them all off after 10 minutes, remembering the excruciating agony last time of just unpinning them.

Thinking about where to attach them, I suspected that your pleasure would be to every sensitive part of skin, starting with the most sensitive and working backwards from there. This would mean the tip of my foreskin, and down my shaft, scrotum, nipples, inside of legs, buttocks, torso, arms and possible even nose. There were plenty of pegs and fewer areas which obviously meant some areas would get more than one peg and twice the pain. 

At this point I am really regretting my previous disrespectful behaviour, and wondering what the hell was going through my head when I allowed myself to become so lax in my replies. Now I’m really going to get it I thought. So I was, and rightly so. I made myself think for some minutes that this punishment about to be inflicted on me, was entirely due to my own ignorance and stupidity, at ever allowing my behaviour to resemble anything other than the utmost respect for the Online Mistress. No doubt this wouldn’t be the end of it either. This sobering thought had the effect of reminding me of my promises and obligations, and that I was determined to do anything and everything my Mistress commanded from now on. She was about to teach me the price of disrespect to herself, and this was certainly going to be a lesson I wouldn’t ever forget! 


It was time to begin. I took the first peg and clipped it to the end of my foreskin. Hmm, not too bad I thought, but the pain mounts slowly. Next I clipped 3 to my scrotum. Ow, these began to sting. Each one began with a faint stinging sensation which gradually grew more painful. The cumulative effect being proportional to the number attached, and increasing almost on a logarithmic scale. A few more went on the shaft of my penis pinching my foreskin tight and attenuating my erection, making it limp and spongy. Then I attached some to the insides of my legs. These really hurt, then my buttocks, naval, and nipples. When the nipple pegs went on my pain suddenly magnified about threefold, and now I was suffering. I put the rest on my torso, where ever I could find some skin to pinch, and one on each upper arm. I managed to get the last one on my nose for a while.

By the time all the pegs were attached my skin was burning with pain. I was gasping “Ow, god!”. It felt as though I were being pinched in 25 different places at once. I had difficulty manoeuvring to the camera to take some photos and movement was painful. The stinging just went on and on without stopping. It was as though I’d been stung by wasps or thistles. All my skin was now screaming and I felt as though I had been dipped in acid.

Rolling Around.

It was time to roll around on the floor. God, as if the pain wasn’t enough! I thought. The time was 12:21 am, I made a note so as to do the full 10 minutes, I was not going to cheat Mistress of her fun. I gently stretched out on the floor and began to lower myself down. I immediately felt as though I were lying on a bed of nails, I forgot to tuck my cock in and speared the floor with it painfully. The pegs around my scrotum jabbed my testes and these felt as though they’d been pierced with red hot needles. I groaned in agony, gasping as the pain did indeed intensify. There was no comfortable spot I was in agony the whole time. The only respite was not to move but the stinging persisted, or got worse depending upon my position. 

I began to roll over and the pegs jammed against the floor jerking and twisting my soft flesh mercilessly, so that it felt like I was being pierced by a number of red hot daggers. My buttocks felt as though they were on fire as if I’d been caned, my testicals though they were being jabbed mercilessly with a sharp stick or knife and my cock felt as though it were being squeezed slowly in a pair of scissors. I began to sweat as I rolled over and over, each movement producing excruciating pain. As I rolled the skin where the pegs were attached ,already tender from being pinched, was then mercilessly twisted and wrenched producing a feeling of white hot pain. I began to plead “Oww, no, no more, please, oh help me!”. I had to pause periodically while rolling over and lie there cringing in agony until the pain subsided before I could continue. 

Up until now I had only been able to think of the pain, but now I forced myself to imagine Mistress standing over me laughing. Oh, this is just too much to bear I thought. Mistress is a sadist. It felt as if Mistress was inflicting my pain as surely as if she were standing there, and her touch felt as hard as iron, and as frigid as ice in my mind. There was no competing against her power, she was like the pain, too strong to resist.

It was time for some photos, and I recall trembling or twitching in agony from half a dozen places as I prepared the camera. Still, at least it gave me something to take my mind off of the pain momentarily. I forced myself to try and think about which poses would capture the spirit of the lesson best. It was difficult to think clearly under such duress.

After several photos it was back to rolling around. Mistress wouldn’t allow me any rest if she were here I thought, she’d keep me at it. I imagined that you would have stepped on me, pushing me harder against the floor in case I tried to relieve the pressure by lifting myself up slightly. More rolling around. I could feel the sweat trickling across my back from the exertion of taking the pain. I was on my front at one point whining “Please Mistress, oh please Mistress!”, but I don’t believe this would have influenced her in the slightest. 

There was only one faint moment of pleasure during the whole lesson. As I rolled onto my front, I got a brief pleasurable feeling from my cock rubbing against the floor, before it was violently twisted as the pegs did their work. I thought this was particularly cruel, and began to view Mistress as some kind of arch-demoness for having the cunning to work this out. Everything that was happening seemed to have been calculated to cause the maximum amount of pain for the hapless victim. I had been ensnared by her and was being tormented to her satisfaction. I also felt completely powerless to do anything about it. All I could do was endure.


Well, if I thought that I’d been in pain up until that moment, I was in for a shock because the pain level was about to get cranked up quite a few notches. I checked the clock, it was 12:36 am and I had done my 10 minutes as ordered, plus a little more although this accounted for some photograph taking. Ordinarily I’d try and hang on for a few minutes more but I was by now sore all over, my flesh was burning or screaming and I really was looking forward to getting the pegs off at last. I’ve made it, I thought with relief, but little did I reckon with Mistress’ astuteness with torture. I suppose letting the victim think he’s in the clear before dealing him an even worse torture is all part of her artful plan? 

Now there I am, having served my torture and rolled around naked and clamped for a little more than 10 minutes for Mistress’ pleasure, and now I’m ready for them to come of and obtain some relief, but the problem with pegs is that they really hurt coming off, especially if they’ve been on for any length of time. But it wasn’t a question of taking them off they had to be flicked off. On the face of it this sounds relatively easy, and Mistress made it sound so, but in reality I found it anything but. Even flicking a reasonably loose one of firstly took not one or two but several good hard flicks to actually remove the peg. Each flick causing agony on an area already severely pinched. Each time the peg moved it sent spasms of pain rippling out across my already stinging skin. I shrieked, gasped and pleaded as I did it and when I finally got one off I shrieked even louder. I had to catch my breath and pucker up for the next one. Some after they released my skin were still dangling because they’d caught in the hair on my legs requiring yet another flick or two to get it off, this one agonizingly stripping hairs from my legs and stomach as they did so. 

There were 25 to remove and to be honest one or two had pinged off painfully as I rolled around the floor. I made a point of sticking these back on earlier, but now I was removing them I left 3 off. My agony was already intense enough believe me. The routine followed this kind of pattern. First I would select a peg to remove. I would flick at it gently at first trying not to cause myself undue stress, but this would have no effect other than to inflame my skin even more. I would then realize that I had to be firmer and thus be compelled to flick harder at my wound (as that is what it felt like). This would take a number of harder flicks causing more and more pain, culminating in excruciating pain when it finally released. I would then cup the affected part of my skin, grimacing in a silent scream for several moments until the excruciating pain had subsided. I would then have to pause before attempting this all over again with the next peg.

It was as if Mistress was saying, “If you want to remove it, you must cause yourself even more pain.” and I could imagine her laughing at me as this realization dawned. Oh, what a cunning, ingenious trap to set for a hapless slave, already stretched to the limits of endurance, I was having to force myself to torture myself more, just to get them off. At one point I would have been quite happy to leave them on, because compared to the pain of getting them off, just having them on felt like bliss. I was cringing, contorting, dancing and shrieking as I flicked them off one by one, and the pain was mounting. 

I then found that some pegs I had fitted on a little too zealously, and they were on so tight that no amount of flicking could get them off. The one on the tip of my foreskin was one such and the rest were on my scrotum where they had managed to find ample purchase in the looser skin. I had to leave these until last as they were causing me so much agony. 

Worse was to come as I tried to release my nipple pegs the pain was unbearable. Even after firmly grasping my nipple and flicking nearly 10 times I had hardly budged it. In the end I had to release it after too many unsuccessful attempts at flicking had caused me to feel quite faint. What a weakling I felt. A pathetic little wuss, who couldn’t take Mistress’ punishment. This was when I realized Mistress had beaten me.

Some of the remaining pegs were so tight that they had to be prized, levered or pushed off because flicking didn’t really move them at all, as they had got too good a bite into my scrotum or foreskin. I was twitching in pain by now, whispering “Oh, mercy! Mercy!” and “Oh, please, please come off!”. As they came off I was in excruciating agony and had to cup my privates tenderly, trembling as the pain subsided. The last peg didn’t come off until 12:48 am. I had had them on for more than 30 minutes in the end.


By the time I had removed all the pegs I had been reduced to a naked, twitching and trembling wreck, kneeling on the floor clutching and nursing my swollen nipples, flaccid cock and bleeding scrotum. I was bathed in sweat from the pain. My scrotum was bleeding from a couple of places as was the inside of my left leg, although they were only small pin-pricks. 

My nipples, cock and scrotum were throbbing as were the insides of my legs. My buttocks were burning as if I ‘d been caned. I was sore all over and felt as though I’d fallen naked into stinging nettles. In the past I have had my cock thrashed with a leather tawse, and had electrodes applied to my cock, but I have never felt anything so painful as when I tried to flick these pegs off. I had hoped to masturbate later, but in the end I felt too sore.

The next day my nipples were still swollen and sore to touch, and my torso was sore with some faint red marks. My cock and scrotum were still sore, and I rubbed some cream into them to try and soothe them. 


During this lesson Mistress appeared to me to be some vengeful demoness hell bent on my torment and torture. I felt almost ill at one point, I was totally beaten down, Mistress had won. I was stretched out before her totally broken and defeated. She could have done anything with me as I was too sore to resist her. I felt utterly humiliated especially when she exposed me for the weakling I am. She is truly a cruel goddess whom I dare not disobey, and she has proved beyond any doubt that she is in charge and I am her slave. I will never again disobey nor disrespect her. 

So it remains for me to say, thank you immensely for this wonderful lesson Mistress. I wish I could say I enjoyed it with all that pain, but then we are more concerned with your pleasure than mine, and after all, I did deserve it, didn’t I. Thank you for reminding me that I exist only to serve you. One thing I most certainly did enjoy was the opportunity to serve you, to be your slave, and the best part was being utterly conquered by you. You were magnificent. I look forward to many more lessons from you.

With most grateful thanks,

Your slave stephen.

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