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Celibate for the Online Mistress

Dearest Online Mistress,

Serving such a beautiful and intelligent Mistress such as you is not without its trials. As your lowly and worthless slave one of the most basic problems I have to contend with daily is the regular stream of thoughts I have of you. Needless to say these thoughts are lustful, and as a result I find myself with a considerable amount of sexual tension to dissipate. This tension ultimately leads to frustration and needs relief. Masturbation is the only cure, but unfortunately the cure doesn’t last. Therefore, it is quite usual for me on a Saturday morning (but by no means the only time) when all is quiet, to retrieve a picture of you, retire naked to my bed, and there wrestle with my cock until I end up gasping out my love and adoration for you, while my seed spurts forth as the most personal and sacred tribute I can make to you. The rapture that I feel as I perform this most sacred ritual is unsurpassed, and afterwards I feel so relaxed and at peace, as if my sense of purpose in life has been fulfilled. The sexual tension is temporarily gone, and everything feels less urgent. The cycle then begins again. Each time I think of you a little tingle in my loins agitates, like an itch I cannot scratch and that sexual tension begins to rise in me again, until I simply must relieve it.

Now it so happened that this Saturday, I had some things to do early and was out later on, and so I didn’t get the opportunity to worship my goddess as I needed to. After the recently most humiliating tasks you have been getting me to perform, I have found this to be a particularly necessary pleasure, and have been most anxious to relieve myself, often more than once. I had the idea of having a play with my little cock on Saturday night before I went to bed. What better way to send myself off to sleep than to worship my Mistress, I thought. A few minutes of fierce abandon as I strove to prove through ever more vigorous exertions my love and devotion, followed by those precious few seconds of rapture with the Online Mistress’ image burned singularly in my mind as I came. Oh, what relief I would feel! With all this thinking of you, I thought it would be nice if I could perform my masturbation with your latest words echoing as I climaxed, and so logged on to see if there were any latest message from you. I was excited to note there was, and eagerly opened the message. I nearly choked as I read the first line.

“No relief for them yet. You must be celibate until Tuesday 7pm”

I gasped horrified. Oh no, how could this be? I was already bursting to relieve myself and here were my instructions ordering me to wait until Tuesday evening. Oh god, how on earth could I wait that long? I tried to remember when my last one had been? Some day earlier in the week! No, no, no, it just wasn’t fair, Online Mistress! I needed that wank, I had earned it, looked forward to it, you yourself had driven me to it, I just couldn’t go without it! It was the perfect time now; my lust just wouldn’t wait another 5 minutes, let alone for 3 days! Nooooo! My tiny cock was already rigid with a small drop of pre-cum forming at its tip. Nature was in motion, my prostate was already enlarged preparing for the coming struggle, my balls tender with anticipation stood ready to show just how much the Online Mistress meant to them. My cock even throbbed with a potent new feel, perhaps the intensity of the masturbations recently having given it an exciting new strength. It too was eager to play its part and worship the Mistress which had caused it so much pain in the past. It was one thing to tell myself to wait, but quite another to tell my body. It had already decided the Online Mistress was to be worshipped and was geared up ready and willing. Then my eyes fell on her second sentence 

“Then you can masturbate your tiny little cock while you worship me.”

And I gasped as I felt a surge of lust in my loins as my cock bulged fiercely, but was bent and crushed in the folds of my trousers. My balls ached longingly to be relieved, full of sperm and in desperate need of emptying. I just longed to wank there and then. I felt anxious, tense and sexually frustrated, if only I could just relieve that tension, but no. Obviously the Online Mistress had to be obeyed; I didn’t even consider having a crafty one and pretending I hadn’t. You just don’t do things like that with the Online Mistress. I came to the awful realization that I was going to have to forestall my much-needed relief until her appointed time. It actually made me feel so small and humiliated, that she could even control my ejaculations with a few words. I actually needed to worship her and cum now, but she was making me wait and hold on to it. My tension and frustration grew to a new pitch, while my erection refused to abate. This was a new form of torture she was using on me, and no less effective than any of the previous ones. I felt another surge of lust, more tension and frustration. I could feel her firm grip on me, controlling my life from afar.

Staring at her second sentence I imagined what that moment would be like when I finally got to come. God that feeling would be indescribable. I imagined myself giving it everything I had, as I thought of the Online Mistress. It was suddenly as if 7 pm on Tuesday was all that mattered. I just couldn’t think of anything else. The Online Mistress had just taken away one of my most basic pleasures which I took for granted. By postponing my wank she was saying “I decide when you ejaculate, not you”. This thought was terrifying. By controlling my ejaculations she firmly controlled me (not that she didn’t already!). She could bring me to my knees in no time! I felt temporarily castrated.

I stayed up for some hours restless, during which time my erection did not subside. My cock felt sore from constantly pressing against my pants, and my balls ached as they longed to disgorge their contents. I went to bed with a futile erection, tight aching balls, and the image of the Online Mistress smiling haughtily at my discomfort. If only I could just relieve myself for a moment I thought. During the night I had a dream where I seemed to be on holiday and ran into the Online Mistress in a hotel. She seemed to speak to me kindly enough, but kept tying me up in uncomfortable positions, and disappearing. I spent the day looking for her, and each time I found her she would tie me up again. When I awoke in the morning I was sure this dream was due to the frustration of not being allowed to cum.

On Sunday I made the mistake of looking at some photos of the Online Mistress. My pants were wet with pre-cum, and my cock and balls ached like mad. I dithered about all day long, unable to settle at anything. My tiny cock spent the day rigid, standing to attention for her, but without relief. My balls felt enlarged and sensitive and tingled at the slightest provocation, and my cock just grew harder. Oh, how I needed to cum. As the day wore on I couldn’t take my mind off the Online Mistress nor ignore the tension in my genitals. I found myself feeling my balls, gently massaging them to try and relieve the stress of waiting and the constant aching feeling that emanated from them. 

I also had to unzip my trousers occasionally and let my tiny cock stand proud to relieve it from the constant pressure of being trapped inside my trousers, bent and suppressed as it was inside the tight confines of my clothing. Pausing to inspect it for a moment I could see that it was hot and hard with the omnipresent droplet of pre-cum fluid forming on its tip. It throbbed in time with my heartbeat, barely perceptibly bobbing up and down of its own volition. The tip of my cock was red with constant pressing against my underpants, and as I stared at it longingly, with the next throb I felt yet another droplet of pre-cum rising up my shaft which I could not control, and saw it appear at my tip which was now glistening with fluid. This and the throbbing made it appear as though it were weeping due to being denied its central purpose, and I sighed in frustration at only being allowed to make pre-cum instead of the great gout of sperm that I longed to release. 

As the day wore on I couldn’t stop thinking of the Online Mistress. I could just see her standing before me with her haughty smile at my discomfort. I tried to relax but always my mind wandered on to thoughts of her. How I longed for relief. I thought of her with her hair up and her hair down, clothed and unclothed. I couldn’t help but torture myself imagining kissing her perfect stilettos and working my way up to the top of her stockings. All the while my futile erection bulged away inside my pants, and my balls ached to give her tribute. I could only touch or pat myself and wonder what it would feel like when I was finally allowed to cum. By the time it came to go to bed my cock ached from being erect most of the day but without being able to cum. All I could do was lie in bed idly wobbling my balls and cock as I imagined the Online Mistress staring me down, imagining it was her soft hands on them rather than my own. I realized the worst torture imaginable was being tied down unable to move with the Online Mistress sitting talking to me, occasionally tickling one of my balls while I cavorted and choked in ecstasy. One thing was for sure. When the time came, I would be squirting out the biggest tribute of my life to her.

Monday and Tuesday were awful, denied as I was and full of unrequited lust, I couldn’t keep my mind on anything, although at least work temporarily prevented me from thinking excessively about the Online Mistress. It was worse when I got home, for what else was there to do but visit her web page and gaze wistfully at her perfect photos, then gaze mournfully at my erect cock and swollen balls, aching constantly, unable to relieve them. I was just beside myself with sexual frustration. All I could do was imagine myself when the golden moment came of how I was going to pump out my tribute and thanks for being keep chaste for so long. That night I tried counting Online Mistresses in order to try and get to sleep, but this only kept me awake longer, and inflamed my lust and therefore discomfort. 

Tuesday dragged on so slowly but there was a faint tingle of excitement at the back of my mind which grew with each passing hour which brought me closer to the moment when I could worship my goddess. When the time came I was already naked and in position. God, I thought, I am really going to show her worship now!

I prepared lots of tissue as I knew that I would be spurting like a geyser, holding nothing back and giving all for my Online Mistress. I retrieved some pictures of her which I had printed from the internet for the express purpose of worship. Oh, how gorgeous she looked, so perfect yet commanding, the merest glimpse of her inspired instant submission. I wanted nothing more than to worship and serve her. I didn’t expect to last very long for the first one due to the intense frustration of thinking about her but being forbidden to cum, and planned to masturbate a second time in the same manner as the first. My cock and nuts were hard, and desperate to be relieved. I was frantic with lust, and began pumping away, slowly to start with then much harder. I imagined the Online Mistress seated in the same room inspecting my efforts and taking an interest in just how much I wanted to please her. In no time at all I was pumping furiously, an expression of tension etched on my face. I rolled about the bed gasping and gulping in air to fuel my exertions. It wasn’t long before I felt my muscles tighten and I was pumping as forcefully as I could calling out my love for the Online Mistress. The next moment I was in ecstasy days of pent up frustration bursting out as I felt my sperm rush to the tip of my cock and begin to jet into the air in celebration of the end of my celibate period.

Afterwards I was exhausted, and lay for several minutes. However, within a short time I was at it again. Once had not been enough and I was worshipping the Online Mistress again as hard as before, and with the same result. It was only after this did I finally mange to settle down and find any peace. I had been chaste for the Online Mistress but what torment I had endured, and then what relief afterwards. It had certainly been worth the wait!

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