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Whip That Ass

“I have completed my task mistress Harriet I didn’t have a whip so I used a small tennis racket it was painful at first but was so nice it didn’t take long before I came and I licked it up as you instructed me
My arse was so tight
Thank you mistress Harriet
I wish you could have been here to administer my punishment but I am so grateful to you”

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Slutkins Dressed With Butt Plug

– Slave: I had a Christmas dream,
Of a beautiful sissy Christmas dress and lots of presents under the Christmas tree, but all the presents turn out to be butt plugs.
So I am toled wich peasant I can unwrap, and then made to were each present on command.
With having a photo of me wearing each butt plug with a thank you message each time.
But the presents get bigger and bigger and there is no lube only hot sauce .
So it gets harder to look happy even in my new Christmas dress.
So I then have to do a video message to to my relatives to say thanks for my presents….

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Hot Wax All Over Your Cock

“Task completed mistress I really enjoyed it (wish you could be here) but i must be honest i have been unable to ejaculate for a number of years this could be due to me inflicting sever self bondage to my cock and balls for enjoyment. this being the reason why i decided to try online slavery. I am really looking forward to my next task, and thank you”


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Stephanie’s red satin and lace nightie

– Mistress: I’m going to bring over one of my friends with a HUGE black dick and put you right down on your knees in front of him.
– Slave: Oh mistress I don’t deserve that do I !
– Mistress: And you’re going to open your mouth.
– Slave: I’ve never sucked cock mistress but I would if it’s what you want to do to meSissy Whore Stephanie
– Mistress: Yes! Don’t resist and make this harder than it needs to be.
– Slave: I’m ready to work for you Im wearing a red satin and lace nightieSissy bitch Stephanie ,
– Mistress: Show me! I know that just as soon as you have that big fat cock in your mouth, you will lose all of your inhibitions and start sucking like a good girl.

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Sissy Bitch’s Maid Outfit

– Mistress: Now you will wear a feminine perfume or deodorant before you go to work.
– Slave: Yes Mistress, but how will I explain it to my co-workers?
– Mistress: I don’t care how embarrassing it is and remember; I make the rules here.
– Slave: Yes Mistress I know you make the rules
– Mistress: I will feminize your name and use it every time I address you.
– Slave: Yes Mistress, what will my name be?
– Mistress: You will be known from now on as Luna, Sissy Luna
– Slave: Thank you Mistress, I love my new name
– Slave: How can I serve you tonight Mistress?
– Slave: I have some housework to do today Mistress, perhaps I could wear my maid outfit for you
– Mistress: Yes put it on and show me

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Fat Slut’s Proof Of Service

– Mistress: Dog slave should never touch its useless and pathetic cock without mistress’s permission.
– Mistress: In fact, it should always have its balls tied tightly 24/7
– Mistress: Dog slave is not allowed to have any kind of sexual pleasure and should never ever cum. Unless its mistress’s decision.
– Mistress: If it happens to cum by mistake even without touching its pathetic cock, it should always ask mistress for punishment for being such a useless dog.
– Mistress: Are you ready to serve mistress no matter what she wants?
– Slave: I am Mistress Harriet Allen<> escribió:
– Slave: To be honest slave is a single dad, so it cannot be naked as often as it would like (24/7), just when it is alone.Always naked when writing Mistress.Balls are tied 24/7 and no undies.Whilling to send photo proof if requested.At Your disposal,Fat Slut
– Mistress: yes show me

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Anna’s Nipple Training

– Mistress: Take your forced feminization fantasies to a new level of perversion and allow yourself to be used for my pleasure.
– Slave: Yes thank You Mistress
– Mistress: I can even use your body to earn me money.
– Slave: Yes I understand and accepr that Mistress
– Slave: Mistress, as I am a dumb bimbo sissy, You need to be clear when You request and expect me to do things.
– Mistress: I know you can’t wait to turn into a dirty sissy sex slut for me.
– Slave: I want You to be pleased with me Mistress
– Slave: I am wearing sissy panties everyday as You told me, and also train my nipples several hours per day Mistress
– Mistress: show me your nipples and training toys

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Sissy Tina’s Pink Thong

– Mistress: I want you to cum like the bitch you are, with your cock still in a chastity cage.
– Slave: Thank you Mistress
– Slave: Thank you for allowing me to continue to serve my Mistress.
– Mistress: As long as you learn to whimper like a puppy as you cum for me you can serve me as long as you wish
– Slave: Thank you Mistress. Can I buy you a gift to show my devotion to my Queen?
– Slave: I have ordered a pink bra, pink knee high socks like you commanded and also a sissy thong which will all arrive next week Mistress. I ordered them for you to see and so I hope you like them.
– Slave: The sissy thong has just arrived Mistress.
– Mistress: Show me

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Slave 74’s First Time Wearing A Dress

– Mistress: You will be paraded around, and perhaps I will show you off to some of my mistress friends who are free to use you for their pleasure.
– Slave: Yes Mistress, You are my owner and can use me as You please.
– Mistress: You will do whatever amuses me.
– Slave: Yes Mistress.
– Slave: Sorry to disturb You Mistress. Have You decided a proper name for me yet?
– Mistress: I will need to see you in a dress before I decide…
– Slave: Yes Mistress. So You expect me to put on a dress and show You?
– Slave: I just tried a dress Mistress for the first time in my life
– Mistress: yes, that is exactly what I expect, show me

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Sissy Tina’s Shaven Body

– Slave: So cruel Mistress.
– Mistress: You will put on a blonde wig and some red lipstick.
– Slave: I couldn’t have my picture shown like that.
– Mistress: but you will! you will dress up and send me the evidence!
– Slave: I haven’t got any of these items Mistress. What do you expect me to do?
– Slave: Could I perhaps shave my cock instead as a tribute Mistress?
– Mistress: you will shave your whole body as a tribute and then show me
– Slave: I am sorry Mistress. Am I still your bitch?
– Slave: You are going to turn me into a girl I think. That’s what you want isn’t it?
– Mistress: I will literally turn you into my girly bitch.
– Slave: I did get as far as looking for the items online so I am trying to please my Mistress who I love so much.
– Slave: Thank you for making me shave Mistress. I feel more like your girl now.