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Anna’s Nipple Training

– Mistress: Take your forced feminization fantasies to a new level of perversion and allow yourself to be used for my pleasure.
– Slave: Yes thank You Mistress
– Mistress: I can even use your body to earn me money.
– Slave: Yes I understand and accepr that Mistress
– Slave: Mistress, as I am a dumb bimbo sissy, You need to be clear when You request and expect me to do things.
– Mistress: I know you can’t wait to turn into a dirty sissy sex slut for me.
– Slave: I want You to be pleased with me Mistress
– Slave: I am wearing sissy panties everyday as You told me, and also train my nipples several hours per day Mistress
– Mistress: show me your nipples and training toys