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Whipped My Ass

“I was not really able to emulate this as fully as I would like, the idea of Mistress whipping me and then fucking me with the whip was a huge turn on, but hard to emulate so I whipped my ass in advance so at least it was stinging as I lay naked on the floor imagining my ass being fucked by your whip handle.”

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Wax On Your Cock

“I did get hard Mistress, but think the audio of your voice was to thank for that. I still punished my tiny cock with wax but due to it being so small and the fact I was blindfolded I had a lot more painful near misses than on target drops of pain. I did not time my self but less than a minute mistress possibly as little as 30 seconds.”

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Slave Anne

“hello mistress harriet.
Public humiliation is a limit for me
so I made it a private humiliation.
I tied up my cock and balls and started to lie on the floor
pulling on the coat hanger.
the thought that you were over me.
deet me pulling just a little harder.
pulling my balls hurt but also made me horny
after 10 minutes it hurts in my stomach.
I was so horny that I came in a few seconds.
and you were right only a few drops.
it made my balls hurt even more.
but i love that i am in pain for you
thank you for doing this assignment for you

slave anne”