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My Pics

Want to see a real slave mistress? Well here I am, in the flesh. I know you’re getting aroused right now as you imagine the power I would hold over you. How I’d dominate you completely as the worthless, pathetic loser you are. Oh, you’re getting that tiny little cock out are you. Well go ahead, it’s the closest you’ll actually get to me anyway. Go on, wank it, with your index finger, you tiny cocked little bitch.

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Slave Anne

“hello mistress harriet.
Public humiliation is a limit for me
so I made it a private humiliation.
I tied up my cock and balls and started to lie on the floor
pulling on the coat hanger.
the thought that you were over me.
deet me pulling just a little harder.
pulling my balls hurt but also made me horny
after 10 minutes it hurts in my stomach.
I was so horny that I came in a few seconds.
and you were right only a few drops.
it made my balls hurt even more.
but i love that i am in pain for you
thank you for doing this assignment for you

slave anne”