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Thank you Mistress Harriet for spanking and fucking my ass.

“Thank you Mistress Harriet for spanking and fucking my ass. Although I do not own a whip, only imagining it was enough to catch a glimpse of your immense power. It was an honour and my utmost pleasure to be restrained for your own pleasure. Thank you mistress for permitting me to cum. I shall be yours always, awaiting your commands.
I shall send the picture via email as they seem not to be sending on the platform.”

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Slave 119’s Tiny Cock

Mistress: I love male chastity, …
Mistress: I will have you on your knees, begging for more and falling at my feet with my every demand.
Slave: Will you manhandle me into a strapon position? Get Outlook for Android  
Mistress: Be ready to cry and beg like the little bitch you are.
Mistress: Cock slut, can you live without touching yourself at all?
Mistress: How dare you insult me with such a meaningless thing between your legs?
Slave: I possibly could try that, do I need to ask permission before I touch my self?Nicholas  Cock slut, can you live without touching yourself at all?
Mistress: Do you jerk off with your index finger?
Mistress: When was the last time you measured that little lump?
Slave: I haven’t, but I could for you ?
Mistress: We both know that you cannot please a woman with that little thing between your legs!
Mistress: You claim that you would do anything for me. Whatever I want? Whatever I order you to do?
Mistress: But are you ready to put that tiny cock in a cage and let me wear the key around my neck?

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Slave 94 Cumming Without Permission

Slave: Dear Mistress, im such and idiot I am so sorry, I think I may have cummed today without even touching my cock, please punish me as you see fit. Since I had never tied my balls before, I dont know if this is normal, but it is like if I started squirting loads and loads of what seemed like precum,it was a clear fluid. It was not like my usual semen so I dont know if this counts Mistress but still, you never told me to do this so Please punish me in whichever you want. I got so extremely aroused because you have not given me permission to pleasure myself, i could not hold it longer and I started watching porn (femdom ass worship) because i felt desperate but I NEVER touched my cock as you said. But I did imagined it was you I was watching and worshiping, I got on my knees, and I disrespected you and touched my nipples and on 10 seconds I started squirting so so much.Please forgive me. I have attached pictures of todays morning balls tied, and later my cock some moments before…

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Slave 92 Looking Sexy For Mistress

Mistress: Don’t be afraid.
Slave: That sounds like I should be a little afraid Miss, but I’m also quite excited. Sorry for being an ungrateful slut and asking for a task in my last message, I won’t do it again. 
Mistress: I might be gentle with you.
Slave: Thank you, I’d like that, I’d like anything you want Miss. 
Mistress: Be a good sissy and bend over for me; it’s time to take your manhood and make you a real slutty whore.
Slave: Yes Miss, anything for you. Should I get in better shape for you to use Miss? 
Mistress: You can make sure you’re completely shaven, and your cries of pain as I fuck you for the first time will not deter me. 
Slave: Yes Mistress Harriet, I’m already shaven and ready for you. I’m willing and ready to take your enormous, stiff cock

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Forced To Drink Piss

“mistress my legs are on fire I lost all the tape befor i was done pissing takeing a mouth full of my piss was a frist and than litting run down me that was hard but drinking all the rest of it was even harder and I think this is not the last time I will have to drank my piss thank you for the session mistress”

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Stephanie Pretty in Pink

– Slave: How much money would you earn each time I sucked cock for you !I am reasonably slim 6’1” tall,…
– Mistress: In time you’ll make videos for me to sell on Only Fans. For now, for you to understand what it feels like to be a girl, you will need to first take my cock.
– Slave: Mistress Harriet I would give anything to suck your cock , lick it clean after you had fucked me hard.I’m as hard as a rock thinking about you and dribbling in my panties.Your Sissy Bitch Stephanie ,
– Mistress: When you see my 10-inch purple strap on, you will whimper in fear like the bitch you are but have no choice.
– Slave: I’ll suck it lick it swallow it and say Thankyou Goddess Harriet. Then I’ll do the same for your clients to earn you money, Sissy Bitch Stephanie

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Forced Masturbation

“Hi Mistress,
I got really intrigued by reading your instructions. I got Hard just from reading it. I did as you instructed. My cock even got blue. But I wasn’t able to cum within the 5 minuter range. But now when I’ve stopped and is writing to you I can see precum coming. I’m so sorry to disapoint you but now I’m hard again. I’m not touching it just grew and now more precum is coming. I think this is extremely exciting. I Always waiting for a message from you. I love it. And I’m still rock hard. And more precum. Amazing!”

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Swedish Meatball Getting Naked To See Which Men Are Interested

– Slave: mistress it would be exiting when you show me for all your friends and i think i can never stop you
– Slave: mistress if you want can i send you my naked pics i have so you can do them in public like you want
– Mistress: yes, you must send them so we can see which men are interested in you
– Slave: can i send them on your mail mistress
– Mistress: yes, show me

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Sissy Jade Undergoing Dog Training

– Mistress: I will take nude photos of you and use them to blackmail you for favors
– Slave: Woof Mistress
– Mistress: I will threaten to show them to the world if you don’t do what I want you to do.
– Slave: Woof Mistress
– Mistress: that reminds me, I don’t have any pics of you looking like a dog. What are you going to do about it?
– Slave: Woof Mistress
– Mistress: show me you’re taking this seriously dog!

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Sissy Bitch’s Lingerie Show

– Slave: Does that mean I have to try it on in the shop Mistress?!
– Mistress: Yes and don’t you dare shy off from the attendants?
– Slave: But what will I say to them Mistress, they’ll all laugh at me!
– Mistress: Remember they know you, and they remember the sissy that comes to their store with the mistress.
– Mistress: Remember they know you, and they remember the sissy that comes to their store with the mistress.
– Slave: Of course Mistress, I’m just nervous
– Slave: I have a day off work today Mistress so I’m alone in my house. Is there anything I can do to please you? I can dress however you like and do whatever you like
– Mistress: I’d like you to dress in more of your lingerie and show me