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Slave 92 Looking Sexy For Mistress

Mistress: Don’t be afraid.
Slave: That sounds like I should be a little afraid Miss, but I’m also quite excited. Sorry for being an ungrateful slut and asking for a task in my last message, I won’t do it again. 
Mistress: I might be gentle with you.
Slave: Thank you, I’d like that, I’d like anything you want Miss. 
Mistress: Be a good sissy and bend over for me; it’s time to take your manhood and make you a real slutty whore.
Slave: Yes Miss, anything for you. Should I get in better shape for you to use Miss? 
Mistress: You can make sure you’re completely shaven, and your cries of pain as I fuck you for the first time will not deter me. 
Slave: Yes Mistress Harriet, I’m already shaven and ready for you. I’m willing and ready to take your enormous, stiff cock