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Fat Slut’s Proof Of Service

– Mistress: Dog slave should never touch its useless and pathetic cock without mistress’s permission.
– Mistress: In fact, it should always have its balls tied tightly 24/7
– Mistress: Dog slave is not allowed to have any kind of sexual pleasure and should never ever cum. Unless its mistress’s decision.
– Mistress: If it happens to cum by mistake even without touching its pathetic cock, it should always ask mistress for punishment for being such a useless dog.
– Mistress: Are you ready to serve mistress no matter what she wants?
– Slave: I am Mistress Harriet Allen<> escribió:
– Slave: To be honest slave is a single dad, so it cannot be naked as often as it would like (24/7), just when it is alone.Always naked when writing Mistress.Balls are tied 24/7 and no undies.Whilling to send photo proof if requested.At Your disposal,Fat Slut
– Mistress: yes show me