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Sissy Tina’s Pink Thong

– Mistress: I want you to cum like the bitch you are, with your cock still in a chastity cage.
– Slave: Thank you Mistress
– Slave: Thank you for allowing me to continue to serve my Mistress.
– Mistress: As long as you learn to whimper like a puppy as you cum for me you can serve me as long as you wish
– Slave: Thank you Mistress. Can I buy you a gift to show my devotion to my Queen?
– Slave: I have ordered a pink bra, pink knee high socks like you commanded and also a sissy thong which will all arrive next week Mistress. I ordered them for you to see and so I hope you like them.
– Slave: The sissy thong has just arrived Mistress.
– Mistress: Show me