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Slave 74’s String Panties

– Slave: Why do I get so aroused and hard when reading Your messages?
– Mistress: Because, you never know if I might be gentle with you.
– Slave: Mm
– Mistress: But now, be a good sissy and bend over for me; it’s time to take your manhood and make you a real slutty whore.
– Slave: Yes Mistress
– Slave: Mistress, I’ve been wearing the girlie undies at work all day. Can I change back when I get home?
– Mistress: you should always wear girlie panties for the next week whilst you become used to your new identity
– Slave: Yes Mistress, I understand.
– Slave: Good morning Mistress. Today Im wearing string panties.
– Mistress: oh what a good girl you are, show me