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Slave 74’s White String Thong

– Mistress: currently, you are known only as Slave 74. However, I think it’s time we named you properly…
– Slave: Yes Mistress.
– Mistress: something feminine I think…
– Slave: I am trying to enlarge my nipples Mistress.
– Mistress: yes, you need to get some nipple boosters – order some for me or let me know if you want me to send you some
– Mistress: Your cries of pain as I fuck you for the first time will not deter me.
– Slave: No Mistress, I guess my cries will please You.
– Mistress: That is exactly what they will do! Follow my exact demands or suffer at my hands.
– Slave: Im having white string thong today Mistress
– Mistress: oh what a sweet little princess you are, show me