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Sissy Tina Naked!

– Mistress: I will stop you from doing what you want to do the most.
– Slave: Yes Mistress.
– Mistress: And that is jerking off your small penis.
– Slave: How is this to take place Mistress?
– Mistress: you simply do as you’re told and it will take place
– Slave: Yes Mistress. I will Mistress. I love you so much.
– Slave: I would love to see some pictures of you naked, and also in a catsuit.
– Mistress: well I look rather exceptional naked or in a catsuit but what I’d like is to see you naked
– Slave: I can’t refuse you Mistress as I love you. Will you use this pictures against me?
– Mistress: that depends if you’re a good boy or not!
– Slave: Must I send you a picture Mistress?
– Mistress: yes, you must prove you’ve been good!
– Slave: I love you Mistress.