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Swedish Meatball’s Shaven Dick

Swedish Meatball's Shaven Dick

– Mistress: I know that look of fear, and it looks so good on your face. Would you like me to stretch your man pussy with my monster strap on cock, and you are not allowed to touch yourself?
– Slave: yes mistress do it i promis to not touch my self
– Mistress: I can assure you that if you slip up and touch your cock in the cage without my permission, you will have 10 times the number of days added to your chastity.
– Slave: so you are sure i touch my cock in the cage maybe you are rigth mistress
– Mistress: Look down at those blue balls of yours! Tell me if you think they are swollen enough?
– Slave: yes i look at my balls its not so swollen mistress
– Slave: mistress can i take of my cage for 15 min to morrow so i can shave my dick
– Mistress: yes but you much send me a pic and then put it straight back on