Sessions with me are on an electronic basis only. This protects us both from any risks and ensures that we can have safe, consensual, confidential domination.

You should email me and set out some information about yourself and your desires. It pays you to be honest, because this way, you will get more from the experience.

In particular, I want to know your age and experience, what your needs and desires are, whether you have any specific fantasies and what it was that made you want to get in touch with me.

If I decide that you are a suitable candidate for my time and effort, I will reply to say that you are accepted as an Online Slave. I will ask for your tribute and once that is received, you will receive an email setting out your detailed instructions and tasks in response to your desires and requirements. Each set of instructions and tasks is designed for you alone. It is completely bespoke and you are getting a Rolls Royce service. Although I treat you as my slave, I take pride in my work and it is important to me that you benefit from our session too. I find the whole experience much more stimulating and arousing when I know that the slave is getting what they deserve.