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Online Mistress and the Waiter

The weather had been fine for a few days and it promised to be a warm and sunny weekend. I felt high in spirits and felt like going out so I called my friend Susan and asked her if she fancied going out for a meal and catch-up, then maybe go and see a film afterwards. She thought this was a very good idea and we agreed to meet at 3:30 pm on Saturday at the restaurant. Continue reading Online Mistress and the Waiter

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Slave Stephens holiday treat

I was on holiday and by a strange coincidence just happened to be staying in the same hotel as the Online Mistress. What a fortunate turn of events I thought, to be staying in the same place as her. Naturally I couldn’t take my eyes off her and found myself peering through my sunglasses at her at every opportunity. Whenever she appeared my heart would be racing. I would study what she wore and admire how immaculate and fashionable she looked. I loved her shoes, dresses hats and anything else she wore. Continue reading Slave Stephens holiday treat

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Slave Stephen tortured by the Online Mistress

One Saturday morning I was, as usual, thinking of the Online Mistress. It wasn’t long before I was stretched out on my bed, naked and pumping my cock as hard as I could. As I was building to a glorious climax my phone began to ring. At first I ignored it, hoping whoever it was would go away or leave a message, but as it kept ringing I became distracted, and lost my concentration. Irritated I picked up the phone and said rather tersely, “Hello!”. There was a pause followed by a familiar voice which turned my blood ice cold. “Slave! It’s me, Online Mistress. I want to see you in 1 hour at this address….” , an address followed by the words “…now get moving!” this was followed by a click as the phone went dead.

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