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Clothes Peg Torture

Dear Mistress,   I'm glad you enjoyed my humble apology and photograph, I hope it was adequate. If not, let me know? I was sitting in my back room in the photo, which I use as a study, and makeshift torture chamber when serving you. My lesson report follows.   Preparation.   I'm most grateful […]

Slave Stephen’s sissy humiliation

Dear Mistress,   This was a brilliant session in which you humiliated me completely. Having obtained suitable items as requested I set out to do as you commanded. First I stripped off for you to stand in front of the camera butt-naked, all too aware of my short-comings exposed for your inspection and derision. This […]

The Online Mistress and her slave in Switzerland

When I learned that Mistress planned to take me with her on a business trip to Switzerland I was intensely excited. The chance to serve such a goddess 24 hrs a day! What self-respecting slave could wish for more? At first I thought things might be a little easier on me. Mistress would be sorting […]

The Personal Assistant

When the Online Mistress agreed to take me on as her Personal Assistant, I was ecstatic. Even though it meant commuting back and forth to the city every day, and having to keep on my toes, think on my feet, and strive to excel for much of the time, any imagined inconvenience was swiftly brushed […]

Online Mistress and the Waiter

The weather had been fine for a few days and it promised to be a warm and sunny weekend. I felt high in spirits and felt like going out so I called my friend Susan and asked her if she fancied going out for a meal and catch-up, then maybe go and see a film […]

Celibate for the Online Mistress

Dearest Online Mistress,   Serving such a beautiful and intelligent Mistress such as you is not without its trials. As your lowly and worthless slave one of the most basic problems I have to contend with daily is the regular stream of thoughts I have of you. Needless to say these thoughts are lustful, and […]

Humiliated at a business event

    Conversation opened. 60 messages. All messages read. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a message from the Online Mistress, inviting me to assist her with an evening talk she was giving to a select group of business people, about Innovation and Enterprise at the local Institute. Needless to say I was deeply honoured […]

Slave Stephens holiday treat

I was on holiday and by a strange coincidence just happened to be staying in the same hotel as the Online Mistress. What a fortunate turn of events I thought, to be staying in the same place as her. Naturally I couldn’t take my eyes off her and found myself peering through my sunglasses at […]

Slave Stephen tortured by the Online Mistress

One Saturday morning I was, as usual, thinking of the Online Mistress. It wasn’t long before I was stretched out on my bed, naked and pumping my cock as hard as I could. As I was building to a glorious climax my phone began to ring. At first I ignored it, hoping whoever it was […]